Psychology Questions

Why is marijuana good or bad for you? If you are anti-marijuana, why? related questions

  • 1Why is marijuana good or bad for you? If you are anti-marijuana, why?

    I want to hear both sides, I have heard lots of pros and cons, but if you are anti marijuana, why are you? If you support legalization, why do you?

  • 2Why do are some people so anti-marijuana when alcohol is 10 times as dangerous?

    Just curious there is so much bad that comes from alcohol but no where near the amount of negative consequences that come from weed.

  • 3I am quitting smoking marijuana, and i will be starting anti-depressant medication.?

    I think when he had tried to quit , would suffer severe depression , I guess this is due to the fact that I have been using marijuana to self-medicate my depression . This has created a marijuana addiction for me . I wondered prescribed antidepressants facilitate removal and help treat depression . Also, what kind of things should I expect to take anti -depressants ( IE how to feel , will it help , side effects , etc. , if a current antidepressant user could describe what a typical day is like medication , that would be helpful )

  • 4Whats a good substitute for medicinal marijuana?

    I smoke marijuana for anxiety , depression and mood swings evil . However, I just moced from Los Angeles to Las Vega , where products and legality are both incomplete . Im tired of paying $ 20 a G for shwag . Is there something I can replace easily attainable rhat marinuana looking for? Spices not a substitute ad the first person to say that salvia is a moron . Like that annoying fred says: I NEED MY MEDICATION !

  • 5I need a good topic about medical marijuana for my Research paper?

    we have to reach three topics about our research , but I need to know wat would be better to talk about medical marijuana. Pls and thank you Best answer 10 pts

  • 6I am writing a paper on the Legalization of Marijuana, and I need some GOOD, LEGITIMATE sites in favor of weed?

    nothing on wikipedia. preferably on the medical side of things, but really anything that is reliable and pro legalizing marijuana. thank you!

  • 7I suffer from bipolar, depression, anxity, and insomnia. would medical marijuana be a good treatment for me?

    please help im seriously considering this and i need information and how i would get the card. thanks

  • 8What are other uses for marijuana?

    medical uses, clothes, fuel....????? and what's your opinion on it, should it be legalized: yes or no?

  • 9What do you think of marijuana?

    I've been smoking weed since I was 15 (I'm 28 now ) and continue to smoke . I graduated high school , earned a master's in psychology and a business degree . I am married to my high school sweetheart , I have two incredible children , beautiful and healthy , and my dream job. My life has been pretty much close to perfect the last couple of years . Marijuana does not in any way affect me in a negative way . I feel like even though I have helped at times. I know for sure that marijuana is not for everyone . But I also know for a fact that it is not as bad as people say it is. But of course , it still is. My health is , I would say it's great . My wife and I have been smoking since we met in high school. She also has great health. I see this grass as wrong. I think if you can control , then you will be fine . What really bothers me is hearing people say that marijuana is bad for you, but yet these people have not even tried it and just go with what they hear . Of course smoking is bad , and studies say that marijuana is bad for you . But there are studies that say that is good too . I smoke marijuana , and continie to do and no one will change my mind . If you are going to try to Marijuana , then try it on your own risk . Smoke with someone you trust. Do not smoke With the wrong crowd , because that will lead to a wrong path in life. I've smoked with my close friends who are now doctors , lawyers , successful men more or less

  • 10..............Marijuana?

    What are your opinions on weed?

  • 11Marijuana use....Help please?

    I have a friend who is in detox for marijuana (7-10 days) also have depression , anxiety , suicidal thaughts occasional tantrums, etc. , which has been on antidepressants for a while and went to detox your account agreement. i thaught things went well according to the telephone conversation we had last night ....... until ...... called me just now and said he can not deal with, who are doping up on vallium who has never had ! and feeling vallium is doing better than drugs ever did , said he can not handle the situation and he knows that as soon as he gets home is smoke more , you are feeling depressed and suicidal .... hass known drug caused all theese mental health problems ..... I'm really worried ... My question is .. vallium will help while he is there? Are you making it worse? Does anyone know of a great treatment facility in Australia ? please help .. he is not an occasional smoker , use it from morning to night

  • 12How is marijuana bad for you?

    i exercise a lot and it has not affected my running ability at all. I used to smoke everyday but haven't for awhile. One of my friends parents have been smoking since they were my age. They are both mentally fine and physically, and The husband has a very successful high paying job. Also, if you use a bong or vaporizer, doesn't it filter out some of the carcinogens? Thanks for all of your input.