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From Prozac and Lamictal to 5HTP, Good Idea or not??? related questions

  • 1From Prozac and Lamictal to 5HTP, Good Idea or not???

    I am Bi-Polar. I have been on several different meds over the last couple of years. I am currently taking Prozac for depression and Lamictal to stabalize my mood. I already get headaches and these meds seem to be making it worse. I have been on Lamictal since Dec 2006 and Prozac since Oct of 2006. It seems as though my memory loss is getting worse as time goes on and wonder if it is the meds. I heard about 5HTP and am reading a book about it. I am seriously thinking of stopping my meds and trying it out. Of course my Dr.'s say there is not enough info on it. But I just want to feel normal again. I am tired of the suicidal thoughts and feeling anguished all the time and knowing that there is no reason for it. I have talked to my Dr about the suicidal thoughts and he says that it is normal and for now we will just "wait and see". This seems risky to me. I've heard sooo many good things about 5HTP.....I'd like a public opion. Thanks

  • 2Student loans paying for my apartment? Bad idea or good idea?

    I will transfer spring 2011 semester at a community college into the next county that is 4 years old alliances with universities . In doing so , I can finish my degree in psychology from around $ 10,000 Total including books and tutition . Since I'm saving a lot and do not want to commute almost an hour , I decided to get an apartment to be 650-900 dollars a month depending on if I go with two rooms or not. This site covers all utilities and I have thought out some 20,000 extra to cover the floor and furniture (I'm coming straight from the house , so I have nothing ) . My plan for part-time work , but not too much , because I do not want to ruin my school work and I would pay for food / gas / ect with him . Total loans would be about 30,000 to 40,000 when I'm all finished . Is it a bad idea or a good idea ? Many people I know who went away to universities around 90,000 loans accumulated by the time they were made .

  • 3Is there good sucess with treatment of depression or PMS symptoms using Sam E rather than Prozac?

    Are there good sucess with treating depression or symptoms of PMS using Sam E instead of Prozac ?

  • 4Does anyone know anything about the herbal 5htp?

    I reserched a little about it , so I ask what I need to know what milligrams to give my 8 years old , and I can see that can cause weight loss , but it does help to chemical imbalances in the brain and son has small nail patella syndrome one diorder genetics and could help with missing chromosome that is associated with this syndrome

  • 5Should i try 5HTP tablets ?

    I have got mild depression, i also get panic attacks and get quite anxious. I heard from someone about 5HTP tablets that might help me. My doctor won't give me any tablets for my condition. I was wondering should i try the 5HTP pills? Also has anyone tried the 5HTP tablets and felt any different?

  • 6What are good major/degrees to have going into the military? And is ROTC a good idea?

    I am currently working on my AA in Social and Human Services at a technical school . I also like to have a bachelor's or master's degree in Psychology or Sociology possibly in the future and I'm thinking AFROTC program . Would these be good for someone older preparation or planning to enter the military? or what degrees / higher would be better. I 'm pretty open -minded , I have taken some courses in science and math , but I prefer the social science perspective . End result I have at least a bachelor's degree and join the Air Force. Any tips or advice ? I'm in my second year of college , but now in the first quarter and I am the principal of the Academy program in my technical college , which is basically a high school program that pays his tuition until 21 and I have 18 years now .

  • 7Is it a good idea to get a bachelors in psychology? i mean are there good job opportunities for the undergradu?

    for the student ? please help

  • 8Has anybody ever took 5htp tablets to treat depression? If so did they have any effect?

    Have you ever led anyone 5HTP tablets for the treatment of depression ? If so, have any effect?

  • 9I don't know why I'm feeling so depressed. I'm thinking of taking 5htp . What do you think?

    Do not know why I feel so depressed. I'm thinking of taking 5HTP . What do you think ?

  • 10I'm a young college student..tell me, is this a "Good idea" or "Bad idea"?

    I am a young college student .. tell me, is one

  • 11I'm a young college student..tell me, is this a "Good idea" or "Bad idea"?

    I have one more year left as an undergraduate. I plan to go to graduate school in psychology to get my masters. At this university, I could actually become a professor while I get my Ph.D so I may or may not do that. I receive money for going to school so I save that up and by the next 4 years that should be about..."ALOT". Leave and find a job in the city my parents use to work in and become a professor at one of the biggest universities in our state (in that city) and also work in the hospital that is right across from the university as a psychologist while commuting from the paid off home my parents will be renovating this year with no costs other than water, gas for commuting, etc. With no rent payment, I'll continue to save up my money until I have enough to purchase my own home in flat out cash rather than signing a 30 year mortgage contract. By the end of the Ph.D program I should have an estimate of $91,000 (if I spent none of the money and saved that while working (money I'd live off of). then add that to however much I would get annually as a starter off professor and psychologist. I could save until I have the money I'd like to pay for a nice home and then some. What do you all think? This isn't legit. I'm a saver though and just thought this up...

  • 12I'm a young college student..tell me, is this a "Good idea" or "Bad idea"?

    I have one more year left as a student . I have planned to go to graduate school in psychology to get my Masters . In this university , it could actually become a teacher while I look for my Ph.D by what can or can not do that . I can get money to go to school to save that and for the next four years , which should be ...