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Valerian Root Side Effects? (herbal supplement)? related questions

  • 1Valerian Root Side Effects? (herbal supplement)?

    So I've been taking Valerian Root for a few weeks now to help me sleep and I was just wondering if there were any side effects

  • 2Question about Valerian root herbal supplement?

    How long does one mg Valerian root capsules 450 stay in your system? Is Walgreens also has passion flower in it. Also valerian root interfere with birth control ?

  • 3How much Valerian root can I take? ?

  • 4Does valerian root really work?

    Does valerian root really work ?

  • 5Were do they sell valerian root powder at??

    I have chronic insomnia and heard this helps a lot, were do I get it at?

  • 6St. Johns Wort + 5-HTP + Valerian Root?

    My question is this combination helps with my mild depression , thoughts of anxiety / negative , and apathy that have been happening? I am usually a very hard worker , but lately I've been feeling down when I just recently changed my major in psychology . I have a passion for it and would love to be a clinical psychologist or school. I guess it's just the drastic change from business to psychology , what makes my minor depression . I also wondered if I should take 3 tablets of valerian root once during the day of my trouble . Three equal 1605 mg tablets . I also take 3 tablets of 300 mg St. Johns Wort scattered out, and only a pill of 5 - HTP in the morning . The vitamins I take are b - complex , super - carotene c , kelp (sometimes ) , and RM -10 ( sometimes) , which is a mixture of fungi to help the immune system . Thank you.

  • 7Can i use valerian root instead of clonopin for social anxiety?

  • 8Help! I took one tablet of Melatonin and one eyedropper of Valerian Root last night....?

    ...I am extremely dizzy and nauseous. I took the two around 9:00 last night. And now it is noon the next day. I am very ill. I'm not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated.

  • 9How many hours does the effect of a capsule of Valerian root lasts? How do I take it? 3x a day?

    How many hours does the effect of valerian root capsule ? How do I take ? 3 times a day ?

  • 10Is there a good herbal supplement combo that will help with depression/focus/memory?

    I suffer from depression, lack of concentration/focus/memory. I basically want a better brain/mind/emotional health (also tired a LOT). When I get down, I get really down, like very hopeless. I hate that feeling. Also I am about to start some college courses and noticed I just can't concentrate or retain any of the information. I have to make this work. Is there one good combo or do I need to get a whole bunch seperately? I've tried St johns wort, I've noticed I get a little calmer and sleepy but nothing major. Any recommendations? I am looking for Natural remedies please, I've been on RX and the side effects were horrible. Thanks

  • 11Safest herbal supplement for depression/anxiety (mild/moderate)? *for a 17 year old almost 18?

    I have 17 years , men and my name is Connor . First let me tell you a little about my symptoms ... Symptoms: 1) outbursts 2) irritiability 3) bad anxiety ( aggravated by the school ) 4) numb like feeling like there's a glass wall between the self and the world 5) very bad feelings of inferiority and worthlessness 6) feeling sometimes manic / unbalanced .. I want to try herbs before spending money on therapy . I 'm also changing my diet / exercise ... it has not been good in the past. so yeah ... I want to feel normal again. You have really bad anxiety unreal things and some real things too .. ( You do not want to be by my side a plane bahahah ) anyway thanks for your help . please answer

  • 12Please any one provide information about root type Ginseng root?

    Other info are botanical name "Panax ginseng C.A. Mey." and latin name is "Radix Ginseng" Please tell me abt the websites also.