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QDoes it sound like I have depression or worse?

For as long as I can remember probably since my teens. Daily activity has seemed overwhelming to me. I used to think it was out of pure laziness, but there are times when I have tons of energy to do daily activities and do them well. But, I have cycles where I will just let everything go, laundry, dishes, ect. I am also into escaping reality. I use mostly the internet and video games to the point I neglect others around me. I have a very high sex drive. With my various cycles I become very depressed and my self esteem goes way down. When I am feeling better I have almost conceited self esteem. I don't like to go out anywhere I just want to stay home. My relationships with family and friends over the years have suffered. I never feel to the point I can't get out of bed. But I do have bouts of fatigue as well. What do you think it could be? Depression?


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Does it sound like I have depression or worse?

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