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QOdd behavior in a 7-8 year old female child?

Hey guys, i help run a local brownie pack, and recently we've been seeing strange behavior in one of our children. We taught her sister before her, who also had bizare behavior, but not as badly as her younger sister. this child is at least 7-8 years old, but seems to live on her own world. when the children are sat as a group, she;s often sat on her own outside it, not listening. On occasions where her mother stays to help out, instead of sitting witht he group she spends her time rolling

about on the floor next to her parent.

When charged with a simple task that can even be so simple as glueing two bits of paper together, she sits with a rather gaunt expression, and wont do anything unless a grown up sits with her all the way through and usually has to do most of the work for her. We have alot of children to look after so that kind of care cant be provided by the amount of adults per child, which has led to her spending one evening sitting under a table for an hour while children younger than her happily got on with the simple projects on thier own.

If asked to tidy up by an adult or peer she'll pretend you dont exist and continue to wander around aimlessly, doing nothing, again in her own small world. and though we try to gently urge her to contribute in soem small way she seems to take this as a personal attack and usually hides in the toilet for the rest of the evening.

If given one to one attention she can be talkative, but not to another child, only to an adult, and she will flat out refuse to be involved in anything like a play that the other girls might do. She tends to say she doesnt like to read or write as a way of getting out of doing small projects such as making a card, etc etc.

Does anyone know what may be going on with this little girl? It's got us rather stumped and a little worried as the parents have never mentioned her acting like this anywhere else. Any advice would be useful,

thanks Xx

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#1LatishaAnswered at 2014-03-21 08:50:11
i think your asking the wrong person here, if anyone had concerns about my son i'd want them to be talking to me about the issue no matter what. I bet her parents have noticed these occurances in other environments. It can be a medical condition that the parents are aware of or maybe unaware of. I automatically think of autism as this is different in every child. talk to the parents after all if your being left with the reponsibility of caring for their child for a hour your entitled to know the full picture or raise concern about unusual behaviour
#2Hopelessly Confused :(Answered at 2014-05-03 13:07:56
LOL! Legally should have informed you? Hardly. The child's medical diagnosis is not your business unless the family decides to make it your business. A child on the 'mild' end of the autism spectrum is *not* going to be dangerous to you or the other children... and typically should be treated *as normally as possible*. If the mother felt you or others might treat her child like a 'freak' she was well within her rights to keep any diagnosis to herself.

A discussion with the parents for more information and how they might like this handled is in order. However, a 'judgment' about them not telling you what they know or about them not picking up on the degree of her 'differentness' (if the child is not diagnosed) *is not*!
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Odd behavior in a 7-8 year old female child?

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