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Please any one provide information about root type Ginseng root? related questions

  • 1Please any one provide information about root type Ginseng root?

    Other info are botanical name "Panax ginseng C.A. Mey." and latin name is "Radix Ginseng" Please tell me abt the websites also.

  • 2How much Valerian root can I take? ?

  • 3Does valerian root really work?

    Does valerian root really work ?

  • 4I Think I Found the Root of Insomnia but......?

    Over a month ago, I developed chronic Insomnia. I am a bodybuilder, and for the past 3 years I have been sleeping 9-10hrs straight a night. As well as easily taking naps in the day. Over a month ago, I started reading heavily into Social Psychology at night (PUA). I feel the stimulation to my brain at night caused the initial insomnia. My head would feel full, like someone poured liquid lead/metal into it. Then after time it developed into full blown insomnia. And for the life of me I could not nap in the day anymore. Anyway I had stopped all reading/mind stimulation late at night for a month now. It first started where I couldnt get to bed until 4 am. Then it progressed to where I would wake, every single 30 mins, all night. About a week ago I started taking benadryl before bed. That helped me stay asleep but I was still up till 4am. I started going to gym late at night to wear myself out. 3 nights ago, I actually managed to take a small nap in the day, I had to lie there for an hr, but I did nap. The next night I slept 10hrs straight! I thought all was well, and I was better. Anyway that morning my mom starting screaming and going nuts as usual. This made me stressed and that lead head feeling came back. That was 2 days ago and I have barely slept since. What happens now is, Ill get to the point where im just about to fall asleep. Then suddenly my leg/body will twitch/jolt and wake me or my breathing will stop, and ill gasp quickly. This happens everytime im just about to doze off. F*cking weird right. I think the lead head feeling is caused from stress, thus the root of the problem. Although I have had stress my entire life, it has never really effected my sleep before, just my mood. I dont know why stress is affecting me this bad now, I have been more stressed before and slept like a baby. I also have no idea how, or why stress is all of a sudden causing me to twitch/gasp for air right before sleeping. Or why its lasting so long. Anyone have any ideas on this?

  • 5My friend is looking for a tea with both valarian root ad melatonin?

    Does anyone know what it's called or who makes it?

  • 6St. Johns Wort + 5-HTP + Valerian Root?

    My question is this combination helps with my mild depression , thoughts of anxiety / negative , and apathy that have been happening? I am usually a very hard worker , but lately I've been feeling down when I just recently changed my major in psychology . I have a passion for it and would love to be a clinical psychologist or school. I guess it's just the drastic change from business to psychology , what makes my minor depression . I also wondered if I should take 3 tablets of valerian root once during the day of my trouble . Three equal 1605 mg tablets . I also take 3 tablets of 300 mg St. Johns Wort scattered out, and only a pill of 5 - HTP in the morning . The vitamins I take are b - complex , super - carotene c , kelp (sometimes ) , and RM -10 ( sometimes) , which is a mixture of fungi to help the immune system . Thank you.

  • 7Were do they sell valerian root powder at??

    I have chronic insomnia and heard this helps a lot, were do I get it at?

  • 8Question about Valerian root herbal supplement?

    How long does one mg Valerian root capsules 450 stay in your system? Is Walgreens also has passion flower in it. Also valerian root interfere with birth control ?

  • 9Can i use valerian root instead of clonopin for social anxiety?

  • 10How many hours does the effect of a capsule of Valerian root lasts? How do I take it? 3x a day?

    How many hours does the effect of valerian root capsule ? How do I take ? 3 times a day ?

  • 11Valerian Root Side Effects? (herbal supplement)?

    So I've been taking Valerian Root for a few weeks now to help me sleep and I was just wondering if there were any side effects

  • 12Help! I took one tablet of Melatonin and one eyedropper of Valerian Root last night....?

    ...I am extremely dizzy and nauseous. I took the two around 9:00 last night. And now it is noon the next day. I am very ill. I'm not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated.