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QHIV/AIDS in India. meet the insecure professionals working in National AIDS Control Programme?

everyone is working in the National AIDS Control in diffrent positions .
Counselors are thinking with graduate degree in social work , psychology , or professional experience of 4 - . 5 years and less than wage laborer sitting outside drawing no atmosphere or sweeper cleaning room every morning there
They have seen

"India shining "

" Incredible India "

G.D.P. growth of 8 % +
6% + inflation
sensex rise to about 5 times
real estate prices touching new highs
hear every day about job creation in India
wages are higher and higher
workload increasing them every day , and on earth people know their rapid dissemination and disclosure
even asked to work on Sundays
They have families to feed
parents to care for
children raised
a standard of living to HOLD
remmuneration receiving much less than you deserve , there are jobs that are not scheduled and other hospital personnel , no job security , no provison of the leaves , the right to other benefits

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#1.....Answered at 2012-10-15 20:26:59
HIV / AIDS is a global pandemic that is spread by the transfer of bodily fluids. Sex is not the only means of transmission. DA
#2marymacAnswered at 2012-10-20 20:10:52
What's your question?
#3seymoneAnswered at 2012-11-17 10:48:21
all you need is to be with a partner of the same sex .. in a generation without HIV / AIDS has been ... really Simple
#4DAINEAnswered at 2012-12-05 12:03:57
focusing means to cover your story , let your voice be heard by people who sit in ivory towers . paid less than the person mopping floor is a counseling psychologist and holders awful experience of 4-5 years is very sad .
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HIV/AIDS in India. meet the insecure professionals working in National AIDS Control Programme?

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