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Vicodin Addiction? related questions

  • 1Vicodin Addiction?

    I'm addicted to vicodin. I can't believe that I've become this kind of person. I'm a very successful full time student. I also work 40 hours a week, but I am noticing that my life feels empty when I'm not high on vicodin. I just don't know where to turn. I'm so ashamed. No one in my family knows that I'm addicted. I've been able to hide this terrible addiction for over two years, so I guess I'm a very good actor. My girlfriend doesn't know either. I feel like I'm betraying all who love me, but I don't know how to stop. My addiction isn't as bad as a lot of vicodin addicts out there. I take 8 pills of 5/500 strength a day whereas most addicts take about 30-40 a day. I have not upped my dosage in two years. How can I become the person I once was? How can I stop? I don't want to have a broken body and a life full of regret. Any advice?

  • 2How dangerous is a vicodin addiction?

  • 3Please help! hooked on vicodin... ?

    a few months back i hurt my back and my doctor gave me i'm like dr. house. its like i HAVE to have it. is there any other way to successfully quit rather than rehab? maybe switch it up and start maybe percocets. ibuprofen doesnt even take the edge off the pain. any suggestions?

  • 4My friend just took three vicodin...?

    what should i do? he wants to take more... what should i do?

  • 5Can I take 1 more tylenol with Vicodin?

    or Nyquil. I have a wicked sore throat right now. Doc gave me Z-pac and Vicodin.

  • 6Okay so i'm doing a report on the drug vicodin i?

    I've been looking all over the internet for this answer. My question is whether a high school / young adults (ages 18-21) prescription vicodin taken out ( abuse it ) what can happen to them or their body?

  • 7Addicted to vicodin/norco and going through withdrawal?

    I'm going through detox at this time the doctor has prescibed librium Darvon and how long does it take longer are the withdrawal symptoms ? If you have nothing nice to say , please , do not add to my depression .

  • 8Does anyone take painkillers like Oxycontin or Vicodin to get high?

    If so, please stop. And if you don't think you can stop, please don't go on Methadone unless you have been addicted for atleast 10 years and have tried everything else. I wish I had never taken painkillers to try to numb my feelings. I should've just learned to deal with my depression, anxiety, and insecurities in healthy ways. AND IF YOU ARE TAKING PAINKILLERS JUST FOR FUN, YOU ARE REALLY STUPID! You will get addicted so fast that you won't know what hit you and then when you try to quit, you'll get so sick that you won't want to live. It's hell. I'm on the Methadone program as a last resort now. It is supposedly a safe, government approved treatment for opiate addicts but it is really screwing with my health. I only have a period every few months, I'm always constipated, and if I miss a dose, it is worse than coming off the opiates. SO, IF YOU ARE ADDICTED AND YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO GET HELP, PLEASE TRY A DRUG REHAB THAT ONLY USES SHORT TERM MEDS. TO EASE THE WITIHDRAWL.

  • 9How can I tell if my son is on Vicodin or Oxycoton? What are the physical signs?

  • 10What kind of pills are vicodin, and zanex?

    What kind of pills are vicodin and Zanex ?

  • 11Im am going to try to quit vicodin starting friday will i voercome the withdrawl symptoms by monday possibly?

    Im going to try to quit vicodin from Friday 'll voercome withdrawl symptoms possibly on Monday ?

  • 12What is the best way to help someone get over an addiction?

    I have a friend, well we're a little more than friends, but either way. He's been taking large amounts of mdma 4-6 nights a week for the past 4 months or so. Possibly longer. He's expressed that he wants to be able to stop and not be dependent on it. But I'm the only one in his life who really seems to be helping. Everyone else uses just as much as him. He has a history of depression, and so it's even harder for him to stop, because he feels like he can only be happy when he's rolling. But he needs to stop, or at least slow down. I'm doing my best to be there for him, but what else can I do? I just feel so helpless when we're laying there at night, with me holding him, while his body shakes uncontrollably, and he's so sad, and he gets terrible headaches....I just want to know if there is anything I can do to make this easier on him. Thank you.