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Why is my dad trying to ruin my life? related questions

  • 1Why is my dad trying to ruin my life?

    im 24 and i am back living at home because at the moment i cant afford to live alone,i pay me dad 50 pound a week board and buy my own food.I weigh 9 stone and am 5ft 6 and my bmi is 20,The thing ids my dad says your a fat mess ,all the time,look at the state of you,he watches what i eat all the time,and says im fat and says dont come crying to me when u realise your a mess. I dont think im fat .I bought myself a small rebounder to get fit ,i came home and he put a hole in it,he said to me you know your the correct weight when your cheeks are sunken in and you dont need to eat food every day to survive ,hes making me ill..Im 24 not a child the only reason im here is because im suffering from depression and anxiety and cant afford to live alone,as im typing this im eating a tuna sandwich and hes making hes fat comments,hes hit me before and he snaps for anything,i said to him that the meat in the fridge needs to be cooked for two hours and he pushed me into the wall and was shouting in my face,i have a touch screen phone,he stood on it and smashed it and then i went crazy i snapped i was angry and he rang my uncle and said "shes gone crazy ,she must have mental problems,i have a awful life with her",and im thinking hang on i do nothing,i try my best to be nice,i got dressed up to go out and he said "who do you think you are a model,your a nobody a nothing"He camer back from the doctors with a letter to take to the council saying he needs to move out of this house as its affecting his health because of me,i dont do anything wrong,why is he setting out to make my life a misery,he came back with the letter and started laughing saying il fix you now,theyl not let you stay in atwo bedroom house and il have a 1 bedroom house and youl be all alone .

  • 2Does a poor undergraduate career ruin the rest of your life?

    Actually I am about to give up on life right now and it's all because of foolish decisions I made years ago. I graduated in 2008 with a degree in biology. The problem was to put all my eggs in one basket and do not really look inward to see if I was ready for my future goals. I was determined to become a biomedical researcher. The problem was that I also had severe depression. If you have not experienced clinical depression, then do not realize how debilitating it is. So my average sunk to a miserable 3.0 (science GPA was even worse due to the effects of depression) and I got kicked out of my research project full-time undergraduate. My life between 2008-2013 has not been better. I've never been able to keep anything decent job because of my lack of advanced knowledge focused. I can not get full-time positions in low-wage jobs due to saturation of persons requesting such. I only managed to get $ 40,000 in savings. That probably sell out quickly when they return to school and there is absolutely no guarantee that I will be able to maintain employment enough to not go bankrupt. At 28 years old, I can return to live with my parents and barely cover food costs, while burgers. Absolutely unacceptable option. Since ruined any possibility of going for an MD / DO / PA or get a job in a branch of service, my only options seem to be going for an accelerated Bachelor of Nursing program. I'm listening to the nursing labor shortage is a myth so you will not even be that calm while studying in the program. It's like there is no hope. Most jobs are impossible to get right now so here are my options: 1. somehow find a nursing job 2. join the army or if nothing works: 3. commit suicide

  • 3I seriously need help before I totally ruin my life. I am a 27 year old female, on parole for drugs?

    Been to prison 3 times. All my charges boil down to my drug addiction.I believe I have depression, but ive never been motivated enough to see a doctor. Im not bipolar cause I dont have ups and downs. Only downs. Im like Eeyore! I want to know if there is such a pill thats for depression that has very high levels of methamphetamine in it. I need these pills or else i go to prison for four years! Not fair. I need this boost daily!! Legal or not. What should I do?

  • 4Did I just ruin my chances :(?

    My first semester at a community college is fast approaching its end. Here are my notes from this semester . -10 Sociology : A ( Honors credit ) Psychology -1: B - -25 Psychology : A Anthropology -1: A GPA : 3.67 My schedule for next semester is: -1 Political Science : American Politics Communication Studies : Media Sociology 15: Ethnic Relations English 1A : Composition Theatre : Theatre for Development Theatre could fall early because I really do not want to take the class ... I hope to transfer to Berkeley , UCLA or UCSD . My main will be Sociology / Pre -Law It's only my first semester at a community college , but I just ruin my chances of LA / Berkeley ?

  • 5Can corporations see anything besides the here and now? Why do we allow them to ruin our planet?

    Millions of gallons of Corexit was dumped into the Gulf of Mexico which is causing the sea life there to die off and deform. When the EPA told BP to stop dumping corexit, BP said no, and continued to do it. The EPA sat on its hands and let them. Proof positive that these alphabet agencies are owned by private corporations, and do nothing for the benefit of the people who pay for their existence. Nigerian Oil Spill courtesy of Shell. There was the Rainbow Pipeline Spill in Canada. Fukushima is still polluting the ocean with highly radioactive water. There was the Kalamazoo River Oil Spill where people were advised to evacuate because of dangerous levels of BENZENE were found in the air.. So whether by design or not, we're being pretty effectively poisoned - and people wonder why we see cancer and autism and learning disabilities and other chronic health problems increasing at alarming rates. I'm sure this is at least a small piece of the puzzle. Only after the last tree has been cut down, Only after the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught, Only then will you find money cannot be eaten. ~ Cree Prophecy

  • 6Did I ruin my chances for grad school?

    I just finished my first year of college at what I consider a good school ( one of the

  • 7Does depression ruin relationships or cause stress on them? Help please?

    My boyfriend has clinical depression and on top of that his family is pretty much falling apart (his dad and sister moved out) and his parents are going through the process of divorce right now. He'll sometimes go 3 days without talking to me or anyone. But whenever he sees me his face brightens up and he told me once I'm part of the reason he even keeps going. So, is it normal that he pushes me away a bit because of his depression and the other things going on in his life? 3 days ago, I got diagnosed with clinical depression too but mine is not terrible...I can function. And they put me on antidepressants right away. So I guess I have two questions now. Is his behavior normal for someone with depression etc, and what does depression do in relationships? How can I prevent a bad outcome?

  • 8Gen. Anxiety Disorder causing me to ruin my relationship?

    I suffer from both Clinical Depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. The GAD was not diagnosed until very recently. I have been taking Lexapro, but was put on Wellbutrin about a week ago. I am being taken off of the Lexapro slowly, but it's worsening my anxiety. As a result, I ask my boyfriend every single thought that pops into my head. They are completely unfounded, but I'm not usually able to stop myself. He has been very patient, but he is understandably wearing thin. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • 9Will my High school Transcript ruin me in front of Universities?

    Freshmen : English l A- A L A- B Spanish AP Human Geography C - C Student Aid l A- A B -A Personal Fitness Algebra l B -A B - B Biology Sophomore : C - B Honors Geometry Ll Spanish C -A Honors Chemistry - B l C Theatre l A- A English II Honors B -A AP World History C - B Holocaust / A- A Personal Fitness Online : L French - Semester I / II Semester AA Algebra II - Semester I / II Semester AA Junior : French II A -A AP Psychology A- A AP English Language A- A Pre -Calculus A- A Chemistry II Honors A- A anatomy

  • 10Will my bad college GPA ruin my career ambitions as a counseling psychologist?

    i just graduated college with an average of 2.1 . was horrible, but through perseverance , I ended up working my way in the field of corporate training and fortunate to be able to get my masters in the field of education ( with a = 3.8 GPA ) . the problem is that I always wanted to pursue a career in psychology , but I really feel it's too late in the game . I would get a second master's degree and maybe a doctorate in psychology , but other than the volunteer tutoring , I have much experience in the field of psychology . Also I have undergraduate gpa shit that haunts me every time I think about applying to graduate school , and the idea of having to explain that fills me with dread . Anyone with some experience in graduate school admissions have any advice ? or anyone who has been in a similar situation ?

  • 11Why do republicans continue to ruin America's education system by voting against student loan forgiveness?

    I am 30 years old. I got married to the love of my life right after I finished my B.A. in WGS, at the age of 22. The next year, I started my master's degree. It was costing a lot of money, but things were going well enough. After I finished with my master's, I got a PhD in gender and sexuality studies. The next year, I became a history teacher at an underfunded public school, the only job I could find because Republcans have made a college education worthless. I realized that the high cost of education because of Republicans had put me $127,000 in debt. My husband left me, ashamed, and I soon found out I was pregnant by him. Unfortunately, I did not continue with the pregnancy because of my crushing student loan debt because of greedy Wall Street corporatists. Now I want to go back to school to get a degree in Psychology so I can have a better and more profitable job, but because of the high, corporate-driven cost of college, I will not be able to get the education that EVERY American is entitled to. Further, student loan debt has made me depressed and borderline suicidal. I cry every night, thinking about my husband and unborn baby that Republican and corporate greed stole from me. Soon, I will default on my debt, ruining my credit for the rest of my life, destroying my chances of living a normal life. I AM THE 99 PERCENT, AND I WILL NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE.

  • 12Why do republicans continue to ruin America's education system by voting against student loan forgiveness?

    I have 30 years of age. I married the love of my life after completing my BA in WGS , at the age of 22. The following year , I started my Masters . It was costing a lot of money , but things went pretty well . After I finished with my master , I have a doctorate in gender and sexuality studies . The following year , he became a history teacher in a public school of sufficient funds , the only job he could find , because they have made college Republcans worthless. I noticed that the high cost of education because the Republicans had put me $ 127,000 in debt. My husband left me , ashamed , and I soon found out I was pregnant with him . Unfortunately , I did not continue the pregnancy because of my crushing student loan debt because of greedy Wall Street corporatist . Now I want to go back to school to get a degree in psychology so I can have a better and more profitable , but due to the high cost corporate-driven university , I will not be able to get the education that every American entitled. In addition , student loan debt has made me depressed and suicidal limit. I cry every night , thinking about my husband and the unborn baby that Republican corporate greed and stole . Soon , stop paying my debt , ruin my credit for the rest of my life , destroying my chances of living a normal life . I AM the 99 percent , and I * anymore. *