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QWhy is my dad trying to ruin my life?

im 24 and i am back living at home because at the moment i cant afford to live alone,i pay me dad 50 pound a week board and buy my own food.I weigh 9 stone and am 5ft 6 and my bmi is 20,The thing ids my dad says your a fat mess ,all the time,look at the state of you,he watches what i eat all the time,and says im fat and says dont come crying to me when u realise your a mess.

I dont think im fat .I bought myself a small rebounder to get fit ,i came home and he put a hole in it,he said to me you know your the correct weight when your cheeks are sunken in and you dont need to eat food every day to survive ,hes making me ill..Im 24 not a child the only reason im here is because im suffering from depression and anxiety and cant afford to live alone,as im typing this im eating a tuna sandwich and hes making hes fat comments,hes hit me before and he snaps for anything,i said to him that the meat in the fridge needs to be cooked for two hours and he pushed me into the wall and was shouting in my face,i have a touch screen phone,he stood on it and smashed it and then i went crazy i snapped i was angry and he rang my uncle and said "shes gone crazy ,she must have mental problems,i have a awful life with her",and im thinking hang on i do nothing,i try my best to be nice,i got dressed up to go out and he said "who do you think you are a model,your a nobody a nothing"He camer back from the doctors with a letter to take to the council saying he needs to move out of this house as its affecting his health because of me,i dont do anything wrong,why is he setting out to make my life a misery,he came back with the letter and started laughing saying il fix you now,theyl not let you stay in atwo bedroom house and il have a 1 bedroom house and youl be all alone .

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#1mollyeAnswered at 2014-04-11 07:19:06
Don't let him get to you, ( but it sounds like he already has ?)
you need to move out, if you can not afford a place on your own, share a place, rent a room in a house, 1: it will be cheaper,
2: it will put you in contact with other people, which could lead to a better social life.
and your self esteem will come back.
good luck.
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Why is my dad trying to ruin my life?

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