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Can birth control cause pmdd? related questions

  • 1Can birth control cause pmdd?

    I've been on BC for 4 years now and I have severe mood swings and crying and very mad or angry alot. My mood changes very fast does anyone know if I stop taking BC if these problems will go away. They seem to be getting worse to the point it's affecting my relationship and social life HELP!!!!

  • 2For those of you who have tried YAZ birth control?

    After having my baby I'm a bit interested in trying the birth control pill Yaz . I read on there website claiming that reduces PMS symptoms of depression, anxiety etc, but everywhere I read people online saying they actually did need help and had cut phsychiatric loss of libido and depression ? Is this true ? Does this pill really cause bad side effects ? Pls share your experience with this birth control pill , thanks ....

  • 3Birth Control Help!!?

    Ok well for starters im only 13 im not using it for sex .... im using it for less periods and it clears up your face. See ive already talked to my mom about it and she said she doesnt know i she is going to get it for me and is douting me because she thinks im active but thats not true at all. What are the risks of birth control? and how do I get my mom to take me seriously?

  • 4How to ask mom for birth control?

    Before you get any ideas, I am not sexually active although that wouldn't be any of your business. I am 14 and my sister is infertile and I am presenting with the same early onset symptoms of endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome. I was sent to the E.R. not long ago for suspected appendicitis and my C.T. results came back saying I had an ovarian cyst. I know that if I were to prevent any infertility by taking birth control, yet I was too afraid to ask, I would hate myself until the day I die. I need any offers on ideas about how to ask my mom about getting on the pill. Before anybody goes on about how I am lying about not being sexually active, try being a homescshooled 14 year old kid that only goes to church once a week and see if there is any time for you to get pregnant or be sexually active then. Also, if anyone has any ideas about depression because of fear of infertility then please let me know. I know that I am stressing out waaaay too much over this, but not only am I afraid of infertility, I have the classic signs of both including the SEVERE pain throughout my cycle and every other classic sign that comes along with it. Just please offer any insight you may have.

  • 5Does birth control help PMS?

    I used to take birth control to help with my irregular period and symptoms that come with it . But I have not taken more than a year .

  • 6I'm 15 so would I have to go on birth control for Roaccutane?

    I'm not going to have sex at all nor do I even have a boyfriend to be at risk of That So would I have to go on birth control? Also , any information ( Please do not link websites as far as possible. Try to tell me what you know through your own experience or someone else 's) acerca Roaccutane would be amazing as I do not know a thing about it . Thanks! xxx

  • 7Will these birth control symptoms last?

    Hello everyone ! I'm on the pill Diane -35 for birth control and my acne, even though acne is not severe , but still my doctor prescribed . I read the possible side effects and says it can cause depression and nervousness. I have my ups and downs with depression and anxiety , will my symptoms get worse while taking this pill ?

  • 8Birth Control-can someone tell me about the implant please?

    I'm thinking of getting the implant can someone who has it please tell me how it is done and what the side affects are due

  • 9Birth control recommendation?

    BC I have taken in the past and it sucked ! I gained weight , was irritable 24/7 , when I tried to lose weight does not work, I had symptoms of depression , and more negative side effects . The only positive things I got were big tits , regularity and under almost any cramps . It was a pill form and is called Tri -lo something . I'd go back on it to regulate my cycle and relieve my pain frightening. Any recommendations ?

  • 10Generes fe birth control?

    the new chewable birth control .... Has anyone tried .... How does it work for you when did u get ur period on it?

  • 11Birth control and depression?

    When I was 15 (I'm 17 now ) , I was put on Loestrin 24 Fe because of my PMDD. It worked fine for the first few months , but then I took a stupid whole package, and succeeded once . Then he missed another entire package and now I'm taking the pills again. However, this time I've also been expierencing depressive symptoms (weight loss , low mood , irritability , not wanting to be social ) that has never happened before. Could it be because I went on and off the pill ? What should I do with these symptoms ? It's starting to become a problem .

  • 12Should There Be Mandatory Birth Control?

    I mean , as a species we are populating more and depleting our resources at a rate alarmng a. Put aside religion and look , you can see that some control is necessary. Maybe one or sterilization program early interference . Actually children are born and not taking care of , they are going to have babies . There should be a limit law child or someone requiremnt class before having a child , to show that it has the funds and the need for psychology are competent to have a child. Both tubes must be tied to young children and should be able to be reversed if they exceed the requirements . I mean , you do not need any type of birth control .