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I have PMDD..................? related questions

  • 1What is PMDD? How do I know if I have it?

    What is it? and when is it suppose to start? like how many days or weeks before my period? I'm pretty sure I have it, but not entirely

  • 2I have PMDD..................?

    I am on meds for my PMDD but I still havea lot of the depression. What are ways to cope with this? I am changing doctor's b/c I feel like the meds aren't working right but what can I do before then? Please help!

  • 3Is this PMDD or PMS?

    I'm doing much better since I've been taking hormone pills every day .. I wonder if I had PMDD before you start taking this medicine ... I get very upset before my period every month .. I would shout very loudly to everyone around me .. I have had a depressive episode before my period ( a psychologist who labeled him as depression , panic attacks would have ... my stomach would hurt and I would have diarrhea ... I have trouble sleeping and I get restless . . My breasts hurt me ... I feel depressed ...

  • 4Anyone with PMDD or Depression please help!!?

    I've been dealing with pain and mood swings/depression for years. I have yet to be diagnosed and it is not only making me crazy, but everyone in my life crazy as well. I had an IUD put in 8 years ago. A few months afterwards, I started having labor like pains every month. I was told that I had IBS. I suffered for years and just dealt with it. Recently, I had a vaginal ultra sound, which showed that my IUD was in a little crooked. I am scheduled to have surgery to have it removed, and also to see if I maybe have endometriosis. My pain leads to severe mood swings and also depression. I literally feel as if I am going to lose my mind. I can't deal with my kids, and my husband can't stand me half the time. My friends even get annoyed with me. I get headaches on and off through out the month, my back hurts, I get muscle aches, and I don't want to be bothered by anything, and sometimes don't even want to get out of bed. I never feel good. When researching PMDD, I've discovered that I have every symptom listed, except for suicide. I don't know anyone other than myself that has these problems. My family has a history of depression, but I feel as if mine only comes once a month, but lasts for 2weeks. It has interfered with my job and social life. I gain about 10lbs every months as well, and then lose it after my period. It is ridiculous how I have different sized clothes that I have to wear half of the month. I am always telling everyone how I am just a useless piece of crap for 2 weeks out of every month. What a way to live right. My doctor wants me to have a psyciatric evaluation after I have my surgery ruling everything else out, but I HATE drugs. I fear what I will have to take, and was just hoping that there was someone else out there who has the same problem and symptoms, who could maybe offer some advice and support. I would appreciate any input anyone has to offer. Thanks so much.

  • 5Anxiety or PMDD??

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  • 6PMS or PMDD symptoms?

    While light experiment menstruating physical side effects , occasional headache , tenderness and cramps . But the big problem I have is more emotional . Not depressed , very irritable with severe mood swings .... Its horrible and I feel out of control. It usually starts a few days before my period and a few days there. PMS or PMDD ? Is there a difference ?

  • 7Anyone else have PMDD? (severe PMS)?

    I've always had bad PMS, but in recent years its gotten worse and now qualifies as PMDD. I feel so anxious and depressed for a week or two before my period. I have borderline suicidal (I can not allow myself to drink during the weeks prior to me because I do silly things like cutting myself) feel that everything is horrible and I hate people around me, I feel like breaking up with my boyfriend, I get so tense and finished his horrible. This top of the cramps and bloating and breast tenderness. I've been on antidepressants and contraceptives, but nothings helped and most time pills have become much worse. I try to tell myself that its just my hormones talking and things that look better in a week or so and not do anything rash. But it's so hard to ignore those feelings that are so strong. And it's not like I'm bothered by things that normally would not bother me at all, it's just that the things I usually try to brush off or ignore the fact that I can not and it bothers me to no end. It's like I lose my ability to handle stress or conflict. My boyfriend has actually gotten pretty good at managing my time during my PMDD because it has realized that its harder for me than for him and I can not really control as much as I would like. But I still manage to get hurt and angry and depressed about things he does. The only thing you ever really helped my symptoms has been super regular exercise and lose a lot of weight (I'm 5'5 125 right now, but when I weighed about 105 my symptoms improve) But to lose much weight I have to restrict my eating a lot and not healthy. Besides, I just do not have the time to work as much as I used to. Does anyone have any advice or experience dealing with PMDD? Its that time of the month at the moment and I'm going crazy: (

  • 8How do I deal with PMDD?

    I have 21 years and I am suffering from premenstrual dysphoric disorder. It's horrible usually always starts working on the time during the two weeks ovulate until my period .. Symptoms include: Pretty cut-depression. Although it has never been on the point of suicidal thoughts. Loss of interest. -Inability to concentrate on anything. * Weight gain. -Bloating. -Breast tenderness. (Occasionally) -Migraines. -Joint pain. -My existing anxiety acts up much more than usual. Cravings and binge-Insane. I'm always tired from the moment I get up to the time I go to bed. I do not get sleep or during sleep and results are the same. -I have an intense need for emotional closeness / physical and yet against which at the same time, if that makes sense. It's hard when it does what I am the farthest thing from a person sticky! On a good day beyond enjoy my time alone. I could probably go on and on, but I'm sure you see the problem. I have no insurance to see a doctor. Of course, do not have the money to see an exit to the right and so I do not want to put in everything that man did antidepressants and garbage that will end ruining my head and body even more. It has to be all natural ways to solve this problem! Recently I've been trying to make me a healthier person but I really hit a wall when my PMDD kicks in. My drive to exercise and eat healthy is going down the drain and all I do is eat, sit on the couch and mourn .. . really sad, sad. I can not do this anymore. I can not live my life this way I have 21 years and I feel much older. This gets in the way with my work, all personal life. I feel like a fool sometimes, the first half of my cycle am my normal relaxed, good person, loving, has a great perspective and is very optimistic about everything! and then the other half I his being anything but. I'm going to end up losing my mind if this continues.

  • 9Detailed differences between PMS and PMDD?

    please help. i would like to know the differences between PMS and PMDD, really good details please.

  • 10Where can i find relief from PMDD?

    Where can i find relief from PMDD? I have PMDD (Pre Menstrual Dysmorphic Disorder) and i tend to get depressed and have suicidal ideation around my period. it's that bad. Where can i find relief on how to not be so depressed and wanting to kill myself?? I do not have any insurance so anything that costs a lot is out of the question! Any herbal remedies or something to help?

  • 11Can birth control cause pmdd?

    I've been on BC for 4 years now and I have severe mood swings and crying and very mad or angry alot. My mood changes very fast does anyone know if I stop taking BC if these problems will go away. They seem to be getting worse to the point it's affecting my relationship and social life HELP!!!!

  • 12How much does this sound like PMDD and who here has tried Paxil or YAZ for it?

    This is a multi-layered question, but first, I'd just like to ask about PMDD. I sincerely think I have it - my PMS is just so different from most people I know. Symptoms which start typically a week and a half before menstruation include cramping/headaches, feelings of depression, anger, moodiness, binge eating, a general feeling of "everyone hates me," being really frustrated with my boyfriend over ridiculous, petty things, and times of wanting to either sleep all the time or not sleep at all. I'm on Paxil CR for an anxiety disorder and have read that this can help treat PMDD, but obviously it doesn't work on that for me (it does, however, work for my general anxiety). Anyone taken YAZ for it? My doctor put me on it, but I got freaked out after reading some YAZ horror stories. Also, I was worried that if I ever missed a dose and had to take two at one time, it'd make me sick b/c the hormone levels are higher than what I take now (Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo).