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QWhat do you do to feel better or get through when you're experiencing an anxiety/panic attack or depression?

I'm currently going through some medical problems. I am a young adult and have been formally diagnosed with hypothyroidism, pernicious anemia, hormone/vitamin imbalances, sleep apnea and subclinical Cushing's. These illnesses have been physically devastating as well as mentally hard to push through. While dealing with these problems, I have added severe stress being put on me due to personal matters within my life.

This stress has put me into a depression and the last few days I've had panic/anxiety attacks on and off. I already feel physically horrible when everything is okay, so this additional stress is taking a bad toll on me. I feel physically and emotionally crippled and I just want to feel better and stop the anxiety for some sort of relief. Any suggestions? All advice is appreciated xx

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#1farnooshAnswered at 2014-03-21 11:59:17
I no longer have panic attacks. I never took pills. What I did was "sound vibration meditation" or mantra meditation. it is a practical, easy and safe thing to do.

here it goes. take a deep breath in and while breathing out say the sound "Gau-Ra-An-Ga" to the length of your outgoing breath. loud enough so you can hear your own voice. repeat. make sure you hear each of 4 syllables. use any tune and do it in any condition, standing, lying down..etc. if you are in a crowd you may do it in your mind. but you will notice that saying it loud is better. because the more senses are involved the better the focus is. this was given to me as a gift so i pass it on to you ;) if your hands are open to receive. there is all to gain and nothing to loose really.

you will gain more trust if you practice it daily, to start for at least 15 min.

before bed and after you wake up are good times. but basically any time..

good luck.

all the best.
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What do you do to feel better or get through when you're experiencing an anxiety/panic attack or depression?

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