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QDo people actually overcome depression?

Like not break-up depression, or death related depression, like clinical major depression. Cuz my grandmother commited suicide and my aunt tried to commit suicide and my mom seems depressed...often, but I dont know. I feel like I cycle between depression and insanity and I freak out and think about death and suicide a lot. I usually manage to tell myself to chill (hence the name chill man, its kind of a message to myself and to everyone else. Chillness is good) and calm down before I do anything stupid...but I hear people say they "Conquered depression." and that just doesnt make sense to me. How do you conquer something that is a part of you...I mean its a way of thinking, I might be able to hide behind a charade of humor and idiocy at school or with girls, but I'm there always. How am I supposed to change who I am? I might as well try to change my race or the color of my eyes.


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Do people actually overcome depression?

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