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My wife has been suffering from insomnia for the past year.? related questions

  • 1My wife has been suffering from insomnia for the past year.?

    She is diabetic and she refuses to take any prescription medications or over the counter medications to assist her with this condition. Does anyone know a good herbal or at home remedy for insomnia. She needs something that works; thanks.

  • 2I've been suffering from insomnia for the past 7 months, how do I get prescribed sleeping pills?

    After my relationship ended and at the same time I changed jobs it was quite stressed and I can not sleep. I tried all the natural resources , exercise, lavender baths etc nothing works . My job is very demanding and sometimes really can not have a bad night. I want to go to the doctor and get sleeping pills , not to drink every night , but sometimes I get really hyperactive and restless at night and I will not go to bed until 3-4 am and getting up early and focused. I was told that doctors are reluctant to prescribe these days sleeping pills , any advice?

  • 3How did they deal with suffering in the past?

    referring today to clinical psychology is peaking and antidepressants and therapy and all that so people do not have to suffer at least completely . But how again before this people are suffering ? I've been through a lot and only got through it because of antidepressant therapy and how can you go through constant pain , not being able to enjoy things in life and may not even get married , have children or anything only live in constant agony and sadness just want to know how ?

  • 4Divorce: my dad's wife has been claiming to be depressed and not able to work for the past 7 years.?

    he now wants to divorce her and her lawyer is trying to make him pay 1300.00 a month in spousal support b/c of her illness. he only makes 50,000.00 a year and has alot of debt to pay b/c she is not contributing to anything. she is basically living off him for free. i feel like he is getting pushed around and his lawyer (who is not a divorce lawyer) doesnt seem to be doing much. he lives in PA. what is his best way of divorcing her, selling their house, and not having to pay her so much. p.s she is also a alcoholic who drinks every night and then harrasses him by phone at work, never cleans, abuses prescription drugs,and wont work or pay any bills. I NEED SOME ADVICE TO GIVE HIM

  • 5How do I cure my insomnia? Any past-insomniacs care to share successful cures?

    At first I didn't think it was insomnia. I stay up late in the summer, causing me to sleep during the day, and then not be able to get to sleep the next night. Basically messing up my little internal clock, sleep during the day, up during the night. It's been going on for a couple of days now (I mean, I have it all summer, but the past few days I havent been able to sleep before 6AM) and I'm at the point where I just want to cry. I feel exhausted, yet I can't sleep. And the thing thats freaking me out is that I stayed awake all day today, swimming at a friends house and hanging out, but it's 3AM and I still can't get to sleep. I've gone about 35hrs without sleep as of now. I can't take it anymore. Any suggestions? If you've had insomnia of this sort, what worked for you? I'm just so tired, I'm at the point where I could just cry, this is so frustrating. Thanks, Caroline

  • 6Are you one of those who lie without sleep suffering from insomnia?

  • 7I am 56 years old and suffering from insomnia from childhood. Can anybody help me I do not want to take half?

    I do not want to take half a sleeping tablet every night. I want to sleep normally. I always feel tired because I do not get a good rest. What am I to do?

  • 8Staring Freshman year, trouble with school in the past...?

  • 9What may be wrong w\me? I wake up w\total amnesia about three times a year for the past 4 years.?

    It takes me about 20 - 40mins to recover where I am

  • 10Over a year since our baby was born and my wife is still totally uninterested in sex. Is that normal?

    My wife gave birth to our first child and only about 15 months. Our baby is healthy and well , and my wife is physically healthy . But your sex since before the baby was born has been reduced to zero . We both work , and both are busy . And I know that motherhood has meant a much higher burden to my wife . But she always comes home and tells me that, compared with other women She Talks To, who is grateful for the amount of aid they give to the baby and the house . We talked about the problem . It does not really fit the symptoms of postpartum depression . Since the birth of our baby , I've had a vasectomy , so no fear of another pregnancy ( we both agreed we do not want ) . She recognizes that her sex drive is gone , and she feels bad about the effect it has on our relationship . But she does not want to force something that does not really feel inside, and I do not want that . What are the possible medical or psychological causes of this problem ?

  • 11Suffering from chronic insomnia, CONSIDERING MEDICINAL MARIJUANA, pls share advice/experiences? PLEASE HELP?

  • 1220 year old suffering from depression?

    my mother quit her job in Janaury this year and occupy just told me that if I do not pay rent and buy food i wont live.I have been trying to get to get a job and she bites my head when I suggest it. She has a boyfriend and he does nothing to her.He pay half the rent and I pay half, my mom is still a lot of things and because it constantly asks extra money from me.I owe my credit card and my own clothes I demanded to buy a new flat screen LED TV last year and clothes.She not appreciate what I do for her and forget that I am still a child.I am currently working as a director at Makro trainee as part of their cadet program which means that the study and work.I can not focus as contstantly house and is always doing noice.We watchong tv and live in a bachelor pad that means no way to avoid each other.I enoght get paid to go to work and pay my bills, but I think my mother believes that her much since she was there for my first meeting in makro.She emotionsl uses blackmail every time I want to talk about this, While she says things like: I raised you to be taking care of me, if I load for you, then I say, where purchases busy last year and now you complain, why do you say such things about my father and you left boyfriendyour Now I think it's better than my boyfriend, etc, etc etc.She not appreciate what I do not even care about my studies.Whenever try to talk to her about what I'm disrespecting her.I not knwo what really happened between her and my father boilogical but as I was growing up i was told he was neglecting us, paid for my education, although sometimes it was a buzz and I have forgiven, and that had a great impact on my life.i talked to him about my problems and offered me a place to stay so I can have time to study and be on my own and meet my dreams.I told my mom and she got scared and ahe not even give me a chance to explian . The fact that she is using her past with my dad and our bad times to get to me is reallly my heart as I thought I would understnad more.she 3 miscarrages recently had this boyfriend and all the time he never shown any remorse for these times.He hard not support your emtionally or support me at all way.She is pregnant again after having lost her son last year October 3 which is like a few months ago, literally, and during the process, the individual threatened to beat her when she told him she was losing her falling pregnant baby.Her know exactly who is unemployed is hurting me because now I have to take care of her and the baby and the guy is unreliable. she relies heavily on people and SBI not want to reason every time I try and reprimand her.I wanted out and said nasty things like "my friends tell me to change because now she is broke and I'm abonding its cause now has no job "and that's not true, because I said to go home to my grandmother's house for spending could be lower and you could live with another family and make a living for myself but she took it as cliamed offnce and I am getting rid of it because it is just minutes uneployed.few ago she said that I was talking to my dad one offered to help, and with my drivers lisence like me can not afford and that was only negative about the whole situation I was cliaming gossping around the laws.I then in his todl I think my father and boyfirnd are the same as the two are not making her happy or let her be herself and she say I'm upset about choosing men for her and my father about her.It I grieve mourn, but I'm dying inside because it does not help me be the person who aspires to be.she called my aunt is cliaming I'm saying that it is a useless mother, but she did not even see that she is holding me back in terms of growth and make a living for both of us .. I'm thinking of moving and living with my dad while he offered to let me stay i Gouse his old until I get my degree next year and then move out .. . I am currently preparing my exam period so ago because of the constant fighting and distractions.