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QWhat should I major in an do with the rest of my life?

I'm about to be the last year of high school and would like to have some idea of what I will major before coming to college . I would do something that pays well and I like to do .

I took AP psychology this year and really enjoyed it. I also took a journalism and creative writing class that I enjoyed as much as my psychology class . Last year I took a marketing class . All four of these classes were really interesting to me and I was wondering if there is major or career choices that could do that could address these issues .

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance .

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#1Linda SAnswered at 2012-10-11 16:28:35
You could go to advertising , market research , social work , criminal justice , education , clinical psychology , journalism - there are many areas that could date ( before committing to a line of work ), covering their interest.
#2JuriAnswered at 2012-12-12 09:27:51
No need to collect now . Go to a good liberal arts college , and take many different classes . In the middle of the race have several tests that will tell Apptitude that people are more professionals like you . This is useful information . Also, in college , you can find a topic that did not have access to secondary school , but finding further enjoy . Another idea is to interview people from various professions to find ØOut exactly how they spend their time , and what are the advantages and disadvantages . For example , I wanted to be a lawyer . I try so , so that academics would not have been a problem, but they work long hours and put in a lot of overtime are not in my nature . So , after a few false starts I became a teacher, and as I think about my teaching a lot and read a lot in my area , and about teaching itself, I physcially can exit the building at 3:10 roles , degree while watching TV ( 6th grade math is not that hard of a degree) , and I have little free time . Obviously , the downside is that do not make the same money as a lawyer , but I do enough, and I like what I do .
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What should I major in an do with the rest of my life?

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