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  • 1Am I experiencing bi-polar symptoms?

    In the past 36 hours I was rock-bottom depressed, nihilistic, seeking suicide. Then feeling frantic, impulsive, drunk or drugged even though I was sober. And now I feel a profound contentment, peacefulness, and pleasure-feeling in my brain like I am on a drug that creates very calm, happy feelings.

  • 2Question on clonazepam: Am I experiencing withrawal symptoms, or just symptoms of my anxiety/depression prob?

    I was taking clonazepam for about a month and a half , 0.5 mg at night , so it's not much . I recently took this medication and have been having a lot of problems with insomnia and panic attacks , anxiety , tremors , chest tightness , etc. My problem is: What is causing anxiety / depression this, or withdrawal of the clone. ? The seating in the lower dose has little time for withdrawal symptoms , and if so, lasting a week or just a couple of nights ? Usually no symptoms of withdrawal (at least those who really noticable ) when coming off of drugs , except when I went effexor , but I was on a very high dose of that. The only reason I 'm asking this question is that lack of sleep is literally going crazy , and just makes me feel worse . So even though I'll be talking to my psych about it further , I thought I would get opinions / experiences of you as well: . - D Thanks : - D

  • 3How do you handle ptsd symptoms when your experiencing them?

    im 32 , from england endured a lot of adversities through life : rejections, ridicule , abuse, bullying, harrassment , more in my earlier life. ive survived , but have numerous personality disorders, i have very bad co existing anxiety disorders and are pursuing a seperate test to get them diagnosed , the disorders i suspect are : PTSD , ocd and generalised anxiety disorder. ive lived for 6 years in my own flat , owning few material possessions and living off disability pay. i used to have blind rage attacks in public, not planned , many years ago, caused myself embarressment, attacks from strangers and public humiliation. ive control the rage and anger for years now. im on medication thats helping to. im not predjudice but the problem is , a lot of the abuse , harrassment and victimisation that i went through earlier in my life was by black and asian gangs whilst living in rough areas....i was a guy on my own attracting negative attention by my aggression problems etc. i never really have fully gotten over it to be honest. the way i was preyed upon, attacked and mugged while walking down lonely streets alone. 3 asian lads smashed a wooden chair leg over my head in a volcano of blood, because i had a rage attack.........this was years ago in 1997 when i had bad psyhological problems and i wasn't receiving the proper mental health care that i should of got. im now 32 , have agoraphobia , i see a support worker to help me get out into society and integrated. today i had to run a few errands , was very busy , whilst out, i saw a lone asian man that scowled angrily into the cafe i was sat in with my support worker - this shocked me....and i had the reliving symptoms of PTSD ......then finally on my way to the shopping store , i saw an asian BAD BOY type in a big jeep with his hood up..........this startled me and i once again relived the fear and had a rush of fear and a flashback.......the memories of years ago flooding back. this caused depression to set in and my mood to drop, whilst out i felt even more frustrated and depressed seeing people out and about with rosey smiles...cheerful lives....causing me to feel even more isolated and alone.. i came back to my empty flat feeling lonely, traumatised and shook up by seeing those bad boy types out and about, even though they weren't threatening me......feeling depressed after seeing happy , joyous members of the public with their happy lives. can anyone relate to any of this ? and how do you handle the PTSD when it hits you out and about ?

  • 4Not experiencing any withdrawal symptoms from effexor rx?

    I have been on Effexor for almost 3 years. I have decided to stop taking it , because for a long time I felt very emotional level . If you do not experience any extreme high or low , even when you should. When you really do not care about good or bad . So I stopped using a week ago . I was taking 75 a day . Besides feeling PMS and stress of the holidays I feel good ! No depression , as physical effects . Before , if I missed a dose I feel a little wiggy or outside . Has anyone else had this experience ?

  • 5I have been experiencing sharp pain behind my eyes and other symptoms, please help!?

    - I am a 15 year old woman - I suffer from clinical depression Last week I have been experiencing symptoms that I never had before. It started with a

  • 6My doctor says I have an ESTROGEN DEFICIENCY but ... I am not experiencing some of the symptoms ... Explain?

    These are the known symptoms . . I will indicate whether or not I am living with a YES or NO beside each: * Rapid pulse rate - No Swelling - If Fatigue that worsens during the day - Yes * Constant fatigue , lethargy and fatigue stress light - Yes * Short-term memory failure - No * Poor memory - No * Hot flashes - No * Joint pain, swelling and stiffness - No * Decreased sex - No * Depression - Yes Headaches - Yes * Osteoarthritis - No * Pain in the Lower - No * Dry skin - not really . . . * Vaginal dryness - I can not tell . . . * Increased recent unexplained weight - Yes Can someone please take a look at this and explain it to me ... I really do not understand! THANKS !

  • 7Experiencing multiple symptoms and waiting for test results, please help?

    I have been going to my doctor for years to find out what's wrong. I am tired of fishing around with multiple visits for an answer. I have been seeing her for fatigue and daily headaches but more recently, my condition has quickly gotten worse. I have recently had two babies and (my youngest is 8 months) and I was putting off my symptoms as "part of my pregnancies" but I am currently still experiencing these and they are getting worse. Here is my list of symptoms; Fatigue (ongoing for years) Headaches (daily and ongoing for years) more frequent ice pick headaches Itchy skin (ongoing for years) Low platelets Swollen lymph nodes in neck and face as well as one (2cm)on upper abdomen and one on the inside of my arm (1cm) Swollen supraclavicular (both sides) joint pain heartburn and problems swallowing solids (this is recent) Intense pain in back when standing, sweeping, etc (major discomfort in lower back) Floaters (ongoing for years) and now floaters with light flashes (more recent) Numbness in arms and hands (mom has MS and I am schedules to go for an MRI on Feb. 25th) Depression (ongoing for as long as I can remember)/low sex drive Dizziness (This is becoming much more frequent) "water trickling" sound/sensation like a rain stick down the back of my neck ad I can hear it in my ears (??) Years ago I used to get major night sweats, then they stopped all together and now I am getting very mild night sweats recently Eye shakes where it feels like everything around me is shaking and I kind of "zone out" Like I said, my mom as MS and I am getting an MRI on the 25th and my brother is a survivor of Lymphoma. A week and a half ago I went for an ultrasound on my abdomen and a chest x-ray and last week I had an ultrasound of my lymph nodes in my next and the supraclavicular area and have been patiently waiting for the results. (What takes so long for them to get back to the doctor?) In the meantime, I continue to be really scared. I am a 36 year old female with a 13 year old, a 21 month old and an 8 month old and I want to be around for a long time with them. Please help?? Thank you, J

  • 8Any woman experiencing severe PMS symptoms? How about Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder?

    PMDD is a severe, disabling form of PMS. In PMDD, the main symptoms are mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, tension, and persistent anger or irritability. These severe symptoms lead to problems with relationships and carrying out normal activities. Women with PMDD usually also have physical symptoms, such as headache, joint and muscle pain, lack of energy, bloating and breast tenderness. The symptoms occur during the two weeks before her period and go away when bleeding begins. For me, two–three weeks a month everyday, for the last nine months, I've been suffering from PMS symptoms consisting of forehead headaches, body pain, sensitivity to touch, nausea and motion sickness. I’m 32. I think it’s hormonal. I would like to know of any herbal remedies that anyone has. I currently take Evening Primrose and I’m going to try Kava. I tried Prozac, but it made me feel worse. Your personal story and ideas to ease suffering would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • 9A friend of mine is experiencing symptoms of clinical depression. Should I suggest he seek or avoid a shrink?

    A friend of mine is experiencing symptoms of clinical depression . Should I suggest you seek or avoid a psychiatrist ?

  • 10Symptoms of Bi-Polar?

    For years , in the back of my mind I thought it was some kind of depression , but I could not pin point it , now I think I could do it for bi - polar and was wondering what others experience symptoms and disorder have been bipolar .

  • 11What's is bi-polar? and the symptoms?

    Is it the same with depression?

  • 12What are the symptoms of being bi-polar?

    What are the symptoms of being bi - polar ?