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Do you deal with cronic depression? Dysthymia? How do you deal with it.? related questions

  • 1Do you deal with cronic depression? Dysthymia? How do you deal with it.?

    I take my meds and it suits me find.... I'd just like to connect with others who have the same illness.

  • 2Only for people who deal with ADHD please...I am getting frustrated. How do you deal with husband with ADHD?

    He has a problem of not remembering the important things he has done and said , and insists he does not remember . Also jumps from one topic to another without first resolving the issues addressed . It's like going in circles with him ? He has been on ritalin but not regularly . And lack of sleep seems to have aggravated the problem. What I can do ?

  • 3How can I deal with depression by myself?

    I live in USA , Canada or the UK . I have no insurance , but I have a lot of debt and suffer from depression and anxiety disorder. There is no way I can get professional help or drugs ( impossible). How I can deal with by myself ? All my friends live far away, do not really have family. What I can do ? Especially nights are horrible. I feel so alone , panic and despair.

  • 4How do you deal with depression?

    I've had bad experiences with hallucinogens .. I was stubborn and treated PTSD symptoms myself, panic attacks , social anxiety .. I got that through meditation . But my emotions have been unstable for over two years .. more so in the last year due to a terrible relationship .. Finally got out of the relationship that made me depressed and left a horrible job too But now , on my days off from college , I'm going from neutral to depressed .. nothing external has to happen for me to sit down .. just happens. I used to play for self-medication for him , as it was the only thing that made ​​me happy , but I'm in debt now .. I hate .. Exercise seems forced and does not help me more , nutrition does not work . I'm going to see a psychiatrist . Has been for a while .. I 'm out of options However, for those of you who deal with depression . What are some of the techniques used outside of medication to enjoy life again? I've always been skeptical about drugs , but right now I really need them. Thanks for helping .

  • 5How to deal with my depression?

    I am a man of 17 years old teen , and I think may have a problem with depression . for a little more than six months , I have noticed symptoms constent of what I think may be depression . Nothing in my life is unusually stressful , and nothing has changed recently huge. to be honest , I'm extremely happy with my life , I feel so far , even with my girlfriend that I'm very close . to explain further , I have recently : - Been having a lot of trouble sleeping , staying up late and getting up too early, - loss of appitite recently , try to eat regularly but I'm not really desire . - really hard to focus on things , I have a hard time concentrating on anything but what im thinking - ( Not present in July 2010 - November) had a problem with cutting / suicidal thoughts . - Negative thoughts , very desperate guilt, I feel guilty about a lot of things . -spikes of anger occasionally Persistent boredom - Skipping school a lot and some other things . I'm not asking for a cure pshycological , I feel completley happy in my own mind , and my life , I have no enegery only to produce positive reactions for anyone, and I was hoping somone know so that maybe I could solve this problem. . . any help is appreciated : D

  • 6How to deal with depression at 14?

    I was diagnosed with depression about a month ago and for a long time I've been feeling awful. I'm worried about my weight, even though I know I'm not overweight, I don't see my dad and he's always yelling at my mother when he sees her and has hit her in front of me. My brother is in rehab for drug abuse and my other brother is always making fun of me because Im trying to play guitar as an escape and he says Im bad at it. I'm losing friends and my grades are dropping... I don't know what to do. Please give me some advise.

  • 7How do I deal with depression?

    I have all the symptoms of depression and have had for years. I'm exhausted all the time , even if I have not done anything at all. I have no interest in my friends . Every day feels overwhelming and difficult to get through, but actually it is not. I can not sleep until 3 or 4 am and when I sleep I sleep more than 12 hours (sometimes even sleep for 20 hours at a time ) I can not concentrate at all, and it is affecting me at school . I have so much trouble even getting out of bed in the morning and miss weeks of school at a time. The hardest people 10 minutes to do so I could take up to an hour . I feel hopeless all the time and every thought is negative . Sometimes they even have thoughts of how death is my only option because I'm not made ​​for life . ( Never commit suicide but I am not selfish and I know I hurt the people around me) I 'm not suicidal , but I know the only reason I 'm not is because I'm holding on to my family . I feel like so bad inside me , like a huge weight always have this in my chest making it impossible to live my life . It has taken all my life . I want to do with these feelings once and for all , but I will not use the medication . What are my options here ?

  • 8How do I deal with my depression?

    I was searching up the symptoms of depression, because I've been feeling quite weirdly sad lately, ever since I moved schools, to go to a boarding school, and it was a AWFUL mistake, so yeah, and I've connected the symptoms to how I've been behaving and feeling, and... so I told my older sister, and she just laughed, and said 'yeah, right!' and my parents are blaming it on hormones, so nobody apart from me think I do. Okay, now it sounds like I'm not. But, I've found the symptoms on this teen website, and I've got all of them. • depressed mood or sadness most of the time (for what may seem like no reason) • lack of energy and feeling tired all the time • inability to enjoy things that used to bring pleasure • withdrawal from friends and family • irritability, anger, or anxiety • inability to concentrate • significant weight loss or gain • significant change in sleep patterns (inability to fall asleep, stay asleep, or get up in the morning) • feelings of guilt or worthlessness • aches and pains (with no known medical cause) • pessimism and indifference (not caring about anything in the present or future) I find it SO hard to sleep, even though I'm constantly tired, and feel like I cant be arsed to do anything. I just don't care about anything anymore. I'm sad all the time. I've gone to eating a lot less, because I feel fat, which causes arguments with friends, who say I'm skinny, but I don't FEEL it. I feel so distant from life itself, I just don't feel love, like for my mom, dad, I used to.... I feel like crap ALL the time, and it's just.... makes me feel so crappy..... So I think I'm depressed, but my parents say I'm just going through teenage years, but my older sister, she didn't go through any of them! I've also gone to cutting myself, and..., oh what should I do?! I've told my sister, but she just laughed, and said, 'yeah, right!'..... In the end, I do go to sleep, and have decent hours, so WHY do I feel crap all the time?! HELP?! :(

  • 9How to deal with depression?

    No drugs ( legal or illegal ) What are ways to get rid of the symptoms of depression . I have a lot of symptoms of depression , and I have occasionally for about 4 years. I have 17 years , a little away from my friends , not having the best economic situation , my dad is just in my life at all, and especially lately I have had a bleak picture of life . I am also an athletic person , but I have not been motivated to get out and exercise , I have a knee injury and asthma when I exercise so I feel as if I 'm doing the best it can be. I do not like talking about my feelings , and do not really know how , always act as

  • 10How to deal with depression in a new man?

    I've been dating a guy for the past couple of months...very intense, since we were friends and coworkers before we starting dating. As we get closer, the depression he's battled in the past seems to become more of an issue. There are other complicating factors - work for him is incredibly challenging right now...he's having major difficulties with the team he manages and is feeling very attacked. He has trouble motivation, has no energy, and has wide mood swings (between happy and very not happy...luckily there is no anger in his swings). He's taking Cymbalta and says that the pills help him tremendously, but at the same time he sometimes blames the pills for making him feel the way he does. Any tips for dealing or helping him? I really like this guy, and our connection seems very real and dynamic on several levels. I'm intimidated by this depression thing (never dealt with anything like it before), and am looking for any advice on how to deal! Thanks!

  • 11How do I deal with this depression?

    I've been sick with a stomach problem doctors could not diagnose for two years . I still have horrible symptoms and I have been hospitalized several times by an overdose of painkillers . Now my mother has had a stroke and is in the hospital for weeks and nothing feels normal. It's like I have this black cloud following me everywhere and all I feel is helplessness and fear. Even I am having trouble determining the reality and so things do not seem right . What should I do ?

  • 12How to deal with depression?