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QMy friend is looking for a tea with both valarian root ad melatonin?

Does anyone know what it's called or who makes it?

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#1PaxtonAnswered at 2014-04-22 01:18:14
melatonin is a hormone and is not usually sold in tea form. It is a capsule. You take about 3 to 5 mg (timed release is even better) 1/2 before you want to sleep.

In nature it works in conjunction with the sun..when the men of old used to get up early with the sunrise to start their work day, the sun caused the hormone to diminish. When it starts to set and darkness falls, it starts returning causing us to become sleepy about the same time in optimal conditions, Bun now people do not get enough sunlight and electric lights keep them up far past sundown screwing up in many cases their circadian rhythm cycles.

Plus as we age, we lose melatonin leading to many older people having insomnia,,so melatonin is not taken in tea form.

Valerian root is said to taste nasty and it described as "smelly socks". Taking a tea would be very nasty. However, capsules are not easily absorbed and thus useless, so you would want to take it in the form of a tincture and be sure it is organic or wildcrafted for best potency/results. Valerian is said to stabilize mood/ affect bringing depressed people up and manic people down\ as well.

Other natural sleep aids are hops and breathing lavender essential oil by putting it on a tissue and breathing deeply, breathing from the bottle, putting on pjs or sheets or pillows. It is especially good when someone is worried or for some reason can't shut if their thoughts. Very good at helping you sleep and also said to help you reach deeper levels of sleep.

If making a tea, be sure to always use either distilled water or steam distilled water as it is empty and thus absorbs more of the plant phytochemicals that cure and prevent disuse.
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My friend is looking for a tea with both valarian root ad melatonin?

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