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I had an anxiety attack? Do I have a anxiety disorder? related questions

  • 1I had an anxiety attack? Do I have a anxiety disorder?

    I had to go to the hospital today because I had trouble breathing and chest pains and heart palipatations, but they did test on me and everything was fine thank goodness! But since everything turned out okay, I wonder if I had an anxiety attack as I looked at the symptoms of an anxiety attack thats what ive had! And this had happened out of nowhere I havent been diagnoised with having anxiety either is it possible that I have an anxiety disorder, I do have to admit its pretty tough to get me relaxed!

  • 2What are some measures that one can take inorder to cure anxiety, anxiety disorder and depression?

    One of my friends seems depressed a lot and cares about school and work, but also may have OCD since overanalyzes things a lot and is very careful . What to do in a situation where they are affected by anxiety , worry and depression . If anyone can give some advice or suggestions to arrest or reverse the symptoms of anxiety , depression and stress . It would be helpful ..

  • 3Am I having a heart attack or is just anxiety? HELP!?

    You see I am 16 years old and having a hard time figuring out what is wrong with me. Sometimes I have heavy breathing and lightheadedness. Sometimes it is like everything is a dream and I see the negative side of everything. I am not on drugs but it also seems like I am seeing the same thing over and over again. Groups of people make me want to be alone sometimes because they begin to argue. I have had this "Attack" happen three times now and have not spoken to a doctor. I had my physical yesterday but he said nothing is wrong. I also feel sweaty and my mouth gets very dry when I feel these "Attacks". Today I didn't know what was going on when I had one and I was very cold. It was pretty scary. What is wrong and what do your recommend I do?

  • 4Mentally disoriented after anxiety attack?

    In the summer of 2012 , I had a blown anxiety attack - much more intense from a panic attack . This made ​​me so into the head. He had tried to fall asleep , I'd be so confused , blurred, felt f ****** mind , I can not explain more . After a few months , the symptoms have disappeared naturally . It also gave me major depression later. Now , major depression is gone. Anyway I have derealization serious and I realize I g et easily confused , and my mind is always in bad shape. I have a lot of anxiety disorders --- long life. His control at this time. Never drink, smoke , take drugs for anxiety / depression. Despite its much better than before , I still feel my mind is a little messy . How to make it go away naturally ? Please help if you have experience !

  • 5How does anxiety and panic attack medication work?

    Like I find it confusing. How does it stop the panic and anxiety? Please help me understand. Thanks :)!!

  • 6What are symptoms of a recovery panic attack, anxiety,depression?

    In recent months I have had a lot of changes in my husband's layoff , loss of a home, move to another state , starting a new job , and after a car accident just great. Just after the car accident that was fine , but a month later I started with a panic attack . I thought I was dying I rushed to the emergency room and they took blood tests , examined my chest , blood pressure and the doctor said it was normal . The doctor said it was a panic attack and depression. After that I was not able to go to work for 2 weeks. I could not swallow the food I thought I was going to drown , after I could not sleep . I was afraid to sleep . And finally , my head felt like it was clogged along with all my ears . I could not see anyone who was not able to talk much and I was very pale . I lost weight rapidly.After lil therapy and other things like meditation , yoga , herbal remedies I'm feeling much better . I can socialize , I am able to eat even though I have no appetite . I am able to work . But when I'm alone , I still feel dizzy , as if my body is ready to quit , I still feel like I'm dying , but I do not feel my heart racing more . Even thought I physically look better , feel inside me chest tightness and severe burning , but not there. I do not know if that's part of the feeling of anxiety but I think all day every day . Only sleeping makes me feel better when I think about my body is ready to quit. As soon as I wake up these symptoms are these symptoms persists inside.Are normal after my body has gone ?

  • 7What do you do to feel better or get through when you're experiencing an anxiety/panic attack or depression?

    I'm currently going through some medical problems. I am a young adult and have been formally diagnosed with hypothyroidism, pernicious anemia, hormone/vitamin imbalances, sleep apnea and subclinical Cushing's. These illnesses have been physically devastating as well as mentally hard to push through. While dealing with these problems, I have added severe stress being put on me due to personal matters within my life. This stress has put me into a depression and the last few days I've had panic/anxiety attacks on and off. I already feel physically horrible when everything is okay, so this additional stress is taking a bad toll on me. I feel physically and emotionally crippled and I just want to feel better and stop the anxiety for some sort of relief. Any suggestions? All advice is appreciated xx

  • 8Anxiety, depression , depersonalization, panic attack sufferer PLEASE HELP?

    Experiecing a feeling I'm not feeling my whole organs . as the heart (not sure if it is beating or not ... I used to put my finger on my neck and scare me ... ) but two ultrasounds for my heart was normal .. I still feel that I have no heart. sometimes beats slowly .. sometimes fast ... and my lungs ... I feel I am not getting air .. I also try to remember what I breathe in the last few seconds ... That scares me .. I feel I do not feel the air at all .. as I force myself to breathe .. I feel that my hands and legs so heavy and not mine ... So the reason I feel no balance .. I feel that things arounf me going up and down .. and I 'm kind of going away or faint .. worst comes when I try to sleep or wake ... I feel so much pressure on the head , neck and chest . like someone blowing into a balloon and it will explode in mychest .. or have something heavy on it ... hands and feet cold sweat ... and when I move ... I feel that I am not able to move in the direction you wish ... like jelly and moving abit bad to where I want to move .. Distorbed vision I have ... numbness throughout the body ... I look and I feel I am not .. as my spirit flew away .. and a devil came to live within me .. How can you beat that? How long u have it? do u feel like I feel ? What are your symptoms ? causing or that ? please share with me ... I am so depressed .. scary as hell .... since my death after a few seconds ..

  • 9I have OCD, Major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder. Would you live with that?


  • 10What are the natural way to deal with Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

  • 11I suffer from C-PTSD, social anxiety, panic disorder, chronic insomnia and major depression disorder?

    I started seeing a psychologist (I see him every week) at the start of this year and started seeing a psychiatrist about 2 weeks ago. I've been on an array of anti-depressants and a whole bunch of different anxiety meds over the past 6 months. But I still can't see a big improvement. I'm seeing my psychiatrist next week, but right now I just have a general question. For over a year now I have always felt this very strong desire to become intoxicated. Doesn't matter on what substance, I just do not want to feel the way I do. It is especially prominent at night when I am trying to sleep (yet cannot succeed). I disagree with the chronic abuse of drugs, but I can't stop myself from thinking this. Is this normal? Is it ever going to go away? and what can I do to try and help myself right now.

  • 12What's the differences of bipolar disorder and extreme anxiety disorder?

    Please list examples of both? Answers can be short and direct! Thank you...