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Am I having a heart attack or is just anxiety? HELP!? related questions

  • 1Am I having a heart attack or is just anxiety? HELP!?

    You see I am 16 years old and having a hard time figuring out what is wrong with me. Sometimes I have heavy breathing and lightheadedness. Sometimes it is like everything is a dream and I see the negative side of everything. I am not on drugs but it also seems like I am seeing the same thing over and over again. Groups of people make me want to be alone sometimes because they begin to argue. I have had this "Attack" happen three times now and have not spoken to a doctor. I had my physical yesterday but he said nothing is wrong. I also feel sweaty and my mouth gets very dry when I feel these "Attacks". Today I didn't know what was going on when I had one and I was very cold. It was pretty scary. What is wrong and what do your recommend I do?

  • 2Several heart pains but no signs or symptoms of a heart attack or disease?

    i am 19 year old dude. since the last year am having a real pain on my heart and my shoulder sometimes,and i can not breath very well not at all,i just find some difficulty to breath,but there is no symptoms or signs of heart attack or disease,my lips color is normal beside i do not feel dizzy.would somebody explain to me what is that???

  • 3Has anyone here had a Heart Attack?

    Since July 2000 I have had eight stents and bypass surgery . On June 1, I had my first heart attack . On the way to the hospital I asked the EMT if he could give me something for the pain . He said , I had already received 4 shots morphine . It was the worst pain I've felt and morphine did not even touch the pain . 3 stents put more in. I told my EF is now 40-45% . Now I am being recommended for severe depression . I know about all the risk factors and I deleted . I know I will not live forever , but is there any other suggestions to help? And yes , I know how lucky I am to be alive . Thanks in advance .

  • 4Am I having a heart attack?

    I have 16 years and I've been having serious burns to his chest and heart pain pinching followed by irregular and severe chest heaviness Its long past , when I realized my clinical depression I can not see a doctor so please don ' t ask me to see a doctor I'm in agony Please can someone help ...

  • 5How long do heart attack symptoms last?

    Since last Thursday , so six days ago , I've been having occasional chest pain , mild pain . At first I was in the middle of my chest , but now is on the sides. It is by no means serious , otherwise I would have gone to the emergency room immediately . It comes and goes , sometimes being away for a day and then returns . This is not the first time I've had chest discomfort , and I have found a year ago with an EKG and a stress test , everything was fine . I have anxiety, but I'm not stressing about everything right now , besides the pain itself. Just curious how long can heart attacks . 6 days seems like an awful long time for a heart attack . I have 30 years old and 32 weeks pregnant .

  • 6If I drink 10 Bawls at once will I get a heart attack?

    Just in case I want to try it....

  • 7What are the chances of having a heart attack caused by bulimia?

  • 8Can heart attack symptoms or angina last 3 Weeks? im so afraid of dying! its long sorry, please answer!?

    Ive been feeling basically all of the symptoms for 3 Weeks now. The symptoms seem to get worse everyday I still havent had any heart attack... Thank GOD! I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder. But before I was diagnosed I went to the ER cause my left hand started hurting and feeling tingling. So then I looked up on this site what I have and it said, a heart attack! So then I panicked and told my mom to take me to the ER. Then I started feeling chest pain. And when we got to the ER, I started vomiting. Then my heart was extremely fast. So they kept me for observation for the whole day. Then later at night the ambulance took me to my hospital. So they did some test EKG, CT scan, ultrasound, and blood work. I spent the night there and went home said everything was okay. I then went to the doctors and he said its anxiety and panic disorder. Which, I think he's wrong. Cause I feel like I'm having a heart attack or a stroke. I haven't taken the paxil that my doc prescribed me. Its scary to think I'm dying everyday. And now I don't think I can sleep today. Well, I did look up my symptoms again, and I feel like I have angina. Im an 18 year old male. I don't really exercise. I ate too much fast food and junk for like 2 years non stop sometimes. I also ate good. Not really, but I wouldn't say I didn't eat healthy food at all. I just ate more fast food. I was suffering from depression, still am. And before the symptoms. I had migraines like almost everyday. Minor ones but sometimes it was very severe.

  • 9I had an anxiety attack? Do I have a anxiety disorder?

    I had to go to the hospital today because I had trouble breathing and chest pains and heart palipatations, but they did test on me and everything was fine thank goodness! But since everything turned out okay, I wonder if I had an anxiety attack as I looked at the symptoms of an anxiety attack thats what ive had! And this had happened out of nowhere I havent been diagnoised with having anxiety either is it possible that I have an anxiety disorder, I do have to admit its pretty tough to get me relaxed!

  • 10Mentally disoriented after anxiety attack?

    In the summer of 2012 , I had a blown anxiety attack - much more intense from a panic attack . This made ​​me so into the head. He had tried to fall asleep , I'd be so confused , blurred, felt f ****** mind , I can not explain more . After a few months , the symptoms have disappeared naturally . It also gave me major depression later. Now , major depression is gone. Anyway I have derealization serious and I realize I g et easily confused , and my mind is always in bad shape. I have a lot of anxiety disorders --- long life. His control at this time. Never drink, smoke , take drugs for anxiety / depression. Despite its much better than before , I still feel my mind is a little messy . How to make it go away naturally ? Please help if you have experience !

  • 11How does anxiety and panic attack medication work?

    Like I find it confusing. How does it stop the panic and anxiety? Please help me understand. Thanks :)!!

  • 12What are symptoms of a recovery panic attack, anxiety,depression?

    In recent months I have had a lot of changes in my husband's layoff , loss of a home, move to another state , starting a new job , and after a car accident just great. Just after the car accident that was fine , but a month later I started with a panic attack . I thought I was dying I rushed to the emergency room and they took blood tests , examined my chest , blood pressure and the doctor said it was normal . The doctor said it was a panic attack and depression. After that I was not able to go to work for 2 weeks. I could not swallow the food I thought I was going to drown , after I could not sleep . I was afraid to sleep . And finally , my head felt like it was clogged along with all my ears . I could not see anyone who was not able to talk much and I was very pale . I lost weight rapidly.After lil therapy and other things like meditation , yoga , herbal remedies I'm feeling much better . I can socialize , I am able to eat even though I have no appetite . I am able to work . But when I'm alone , I still feel dizzy , as if my body is ready to quit , I still feel like I'm dying , but I do not feel my heart racing more . Even thought I physically look better , feel inside me chest tightness and severe burning , but not there. I do not know if that's part of the feeling of anxiety but I think all day every day . Only sleeping makes me feel better when I think about my body is ready to quit. As soon as I wake up these symptoms are these symptoms persists inside.Are normal after my body has gone ?