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Why do I wake up in the middle of the night when I take melatonin? related questions

  • 1Why do I wake up in the middle of the night when I take melatonin?

    Is there any way to stop this from happening? It works well to help me fall asleep and I sleep soundly for a good amount of time, but then I wake up like 4 or 5 am wide awake. Any help??? Thanks

  • 2Takes around an hour to go to sleep and I wake up in the middle of the night..?

    The title says it all .. Recently , maybe a couple of months .. it takes me about an hour to go to sleep and wake up in the middle of the night once or twice and go back to sleep . It is horrible. During school days , I'm way tired in the morning and I'm usually late every day , because I can never wake up because I'm tired. Someone had this before or know what this is? It's terrible .. : (

  • 3Help! I took one tablet of Melatonin and one eyedropper of Valerian Root last night....?

    ...I am extremely dizzy and nauseous. I took the two around 9:00 last night. And now it is noon the next day. I am very ill. I'm not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated.

  • 4Jog in the middle of the night for insomnia?

    I suffer from chronic insomnia. As far as I could remember I’ve always had trouble getting enough deep restful sleep. Now these couple of last years I’ve been having high anxiety problems that cause my mind to continue to race during the night that don’t allow me to fall asleep right away and also causes me to wake up sever times a night. I was thinking on doing a couple of experiments, first is when I find myself awake in the middle of the night cause I cant sleep, I will try going for jog then a hot bath and then pray to fall into a deep sleep. The other is just to stay awake until I feel so drowsy that I don’t have any other option but to fall into a deep sleep. Please provide any feed back that you might think could help. I’ve already gone to a sleep lab and the doctor told me that it is a problem with my genes and that I had to find away to live with it

  • 5The first thing that I think of when I wake up in the morning is how I am going to get to sleep that night?

    I have suffered from insomnia / anxiety / depression for years. What would you call a fear chronic insomnia ? I have not slept a single night without drugs or alcohol (or both ) in about four years . HELP !

  • 6Ok so in the middle of the night i woke up and had a really bad panic attack?

    ever since then iv been in a slum mood and sleep is becoming more of a job than enjoyment but i had this before and idk how long it last untill i get happy again and the days seem there blending together and i dont wanna go on pills cuz they can make you sad even more btw im 18 yrs old and my first panic attack was when i was in 6th grade

  • 7I think I got addicted to the net..especially Paltalk..The night I am not online,,it is not my night..I would?

    feel bored and depressed .. I tried everytrhing ... I left the screen for two weeks, but back then .. The temptation was high .. Any idea how to end this addiction? turned to a situation that is either good or not good sleep life , , , very hard choice ... !

  • 8Has anyone ever taken melatonin for sleep?

    I have insomnia and I was a witness to a really tragic incident the other night, I have not been able to sleep and when I do I have nightmares, I finally got my ambien filled but my dad gave me some melatonin tonight and says it works wonders? anyone had luck with it by chance?

  • 9Have you ever taken melatonin for your tinnitus?

    I have tinnitus for more than a year, and that melatonin helps to read with him . I wondered that no one has tried , and how it worked for you . It did , how long ? And how long it take to work ? Thank you !

  • 10Melatonin doseage and Usage?

    I have been taking prescription sleeping pills on and off for years for chronic insomnia . I have tried melatonin in the past, but I can not remember what dose I was taking. I know that the few times that I took and the dosage , which made me feel awful ! I have a bottle of tabs 3MG .. What is a good dose to start . I do not use the whole of Lunesta due to concerns of dependency ... If I can get a good dose of melatonin work think it would be much better as it is a normal occurring substance in the body ...

  • 11Wat r the side effects of melatonin?

  • 12Can you get Melatonin in the UK? BF's Insomnia driving us both potty!!!?

    My BF is really suffering at the moment, he takes ages to fall asleep, is asleep for only a little while then wakes up n starts all over again. Im almost positive this is solely down him being very stressed at the moment, would you suggest this Melotonin ive heard about or something else? (He has tried some of the usual things, hot milk/chocolate/chamomile/ kalms but all to no real effects) Thanks from A very tired girlfriend ...yawn!