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QDoes my son have Aspergers Syndrome?

Hi I heard about autism and Asperger syndrome and did not know much about him. I always thought my 13 year old son had an abnormal behavior . Has daily routines , for example , wakes up at 5 in the morning and eat the same cereal and then take a shower if this routine has changed slightly as empty cereal will have a huge melting will start yelling or screaming if i MOVE3 something somewhere is going to go ballistic . Every night he goes to bed at 8 and read for 15 minutes. It has terrible handwriting and do not like writing things large . He is very smart and knows many facts about science and social studies. Or math loves to read and always have a book. Always kind of sad and jokes receives no other children and I can not look at other children in the eye that I noticed and kind of shakes with other people and get nervous . He does not really show emotion or whenever I try to give her father a hug that will harden and type of back

i live these are symptoms if you know please share with me ?

How's that for an Asperger child ?

This happened recently
probably started having great signs when I was 8 so he can get over time ?
thank you!


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Does my son have Aspergers Syndrome?

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