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Any herbal pills I can take for depression? related questions

  • 1Any herbal pills I can take for depression?

    The herbal pills can take for depression ?

  • 2How to cure Insomnia if sleeping pills don't work? But not using natural herbal remedies?

    What if I already have insomnia and you do not know what is the cause ? If sleeping pills do not work what would be next ? Could anxiety or depression causes insomnia ?

  • 3Please answer: Depression herbal remedies?

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some insights on which of these can or has worked best for severe depression: SAM-E, St. John's Wort, 5-HTP, or glutamic acid. I've been taking a 1:1 extract of SJW, about 750 mg twice/day for about 2 weeks with little to no effect. I want to give it a fair trial, but am curious about people's experiences with the other drugs. I'm very interested in SAM-e, I've read good things about it over the net. It's more expensive but supposedly widely used in Europe and effective. I've tried 5-htp in the past with little to no results, but I didn't really give it a fair shot. Any input is appreciated, though please write detailed or thoughtful responses/accounts. Thanks a 100!

  • 4Does anyone know of any remedy to cure mild depression, preferably a herbal one?

  • 5Is there a good herbal supplement combo that will help with depression/focus/memory?

    I suffer from depression, lack of concentration/focus/memory. I basically want a better brain/mind/emotional health (also tired a LOT). When I get down, I get really down, like very hopeless. I hate that feeling. Also I am about to start some college courses and noticed I just can't concentrate or retain any of the information. I have to make this work. Is there one good combo or do I need to get a whole bunch seperately? I've tried St johns wort, I've noticed I get a little calmer and sleepy but nothing major. Any recommendations? I am looking for Natural remedies please, I've been on RX and the side effects were horrible. Thanks

  • 6Safest herbal supplement for depression/anxiety (mild/moderate)? *for a 17 year old almost 18?

    I have 17 years , men and my name is Connor . First let me tell you a little about my symptoms ... Symptoms: 1) outbursts 2) irritiability 3) bad anxiety ( aggravated by the school ) 4) numb like feeling like there's a glass wall between the self and the world 5) very bad feelings of inferiority and worthlessness 6) feeling sometimes manic / unbalanced .. I want to try herbs before spending money on therapy . I 'm also changing my diet / exercise ... it has not been good in the past. so yeah ... I want to feel normal again. You have really bad anxiety unreal things and some real things too .. ( You do not want to be by my side a plane bahahah ) anyway thanks for your help . please answer

  • 7Questions about pills for depression?

    I have depression and I'm supposed to be taking pills for my mood swings , but I have fear . Do they affect my personality ? How long does it take to work ? What if I decide I want one night for drinks without killing myself?

  • 8Are anti-depression pills even good for you?

    I mean , one of the side effects are suicidal thoughts ! And I'm sure the other symptoms leave you more depressed than before! My mother stopped taking them because of side effects ...

  • 9Depression anxiety mood swings help on pills?

    Recently I asked a question answers.yah here >> / question / index ; _ylt = Auz36SJd rcCU78VVFgSKfnIM_ DW4 ; ? _ylv = 3 id = 201210030616 25AAMAl0m and a girl told me prescription drugs . She uses it and says happy that maintains and helps concentration. So if I antidepressant use pill will cure my mood swings and help me focus when using duty rate ? And It can also be just purchased on Medical shop or i has to make a recipe my GP ? Actually , I dont but know more probably humor changes only ... only .. awesu m .. empty heart .. hopeless energy .. not want do anything .. I investigated and found some symptoms depression , mood oscillation loss concentration esp . academically . Will USDA Agricultural Research antidepressants Pill Help ?

  • 10Pills for BiPolar/Depression WITHOUT prescription/legal?

    What are some medicines I can take that will help with my feelings of emotional rollercoaster . They are becoming quite frusterating , I have absolutely no desire to do anything else. Thoughts of suicide , being bored all day, although I know I should be doing things , one day I'm fine the next time I'm in a great neighborhood . People say he has bipolar symptoms and may be depressed . I have no health insurance , though .. Is there a street PHARMACUTICAL I can buy off eBay that can help everyone ? Even the slightest ? I know the risks of buying on eBay , the risks of drugs , so I would try something or get the name of something that could help me.

  • 11How long does postpartum depression last for &are there pills to take to lessen it's effects?

    I'm not pregnant, and haven't had children yet. I've heard of two different people (one in my family and my boyfriends ex girlfriend) having postpartum depression, and I know that it's described as a severe depression. How many months or years does postpartum depression last for? How soon after giving birth does it start? Are there any pills a person can take to be less depressed?

  • 12Anything else that improves depression symptoms in women with pcos besides metmormin,bc pills,&spirinolactone?

    I have pcos and depression, but I don't have elevated insulin. I take birth controll pills and spirinolactone to manage my symptoms, but I've always been a little depressed since puberty and it's worse without birth controll pills. My testosterone levels are normal with the medication I take, but I was wondering, are there any other hormones involved in pcos that could cause depression that I could control to improve depressive symptoms? I don't have elevated insulin, so metformin wouldn't do anything. Are there any antidepressants that don't effect hormones or at least wouldn't have much of an effect on them? I heard antidepressants can make hormone disorders worse or cause them.