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Sleep aids during early pregnancy? related questions

  • 1Sleep aids during early pregnancy?

    I have moderate insomnia , and I usually take something to sleep . Valerian normal nights , Unisom and environmental worse for very bad nights . Are any of them allowed in early pregnancy ? I will ask my doctor when I see her next week , but meanwhile , I would sleep a little ...

  • 2Are these pregnancy symptoms or to early to tell?

    Ok Ladies , I just had my period 2 September , but last week I felt like I had the flu dizziness headache , and I had no appetite . I've also been in a bad mood seems PMS'ing I'am again, but I only had a point . PMS symptoms usually come just a week before the period . Please let me know some of your symptoms during the first weeks of pregnancy and what I have experienced , because none of this makes sense to me . I also sense a feeling of depression or anger .

  • 3What are some good non narcotic sleep aids?

    I have a problem sleeping at night. I work full time so it should not be a problem. but for any reason whatsoever. I'm not taking any narcotic sleeping pills . Are there any good ? suggestions ? thank you

  • 4What are some natural sleep aids/methods?

    I myself have been diagnosed with chronic insomnia , relay hate sleeping sleeping pills so I was wondering if anyone knows natural remedies. I have tried as a calming tea before and it does not work . I ` m lactose intolerant so I can not make the stuff warm milk. During the day I'm very active and I do not drink any caffeine . Usually do not feel tired during the day , but I often fall asleep at 5 am and did not wake up until 12 or 1. I tried to get up at 8 or 9 and go about my day and I'm still fine. I just wanna go to sleep!

  • 5What is the danger of taking sleep aids for reasons other than sleeping?

    I took a sleeping pill called Alteril , to try to relax during the day . i ended up taking some xanax along with it .. and when bedtime came around 1 am , I was not tired at all . so I took two Benadryl and still was not tired . Im feeling very insecure right now. I feel like I hurt my body . please help me

  • 6How can I stop taking antidepressants and Sleep aids without getting sick?

    I have been on sleepaids and antidepressants for a long time and I dont want to be on them anymore I have tried to stop taking them and became very sick. I want these pills out of my system I feel like a zombie. Anyone got any ideas?

  • 7Taken Trazodone, Xanax, and over the counter sleep aids. What will work for me?

    I have a pretty colorful medical history as a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patient, which involves depression, anxiety, and fibromyalgia, a combination that induces some serious insomnia. By serious insomnia, I mean sleep anxiety: major panic attacks, racing stressful thoughts, worrying about my health, distracted by joint pain, and getting myself so worked up about the stress of trying to get my much-needed sleep that it's even harder for me to relax and get to bed. I use Cymbalta, Seasonique, and blood thinners for my other health issues, which seem under control. But as for sleep, I've been on various sleep aiding medications for years trying to find the right fit, some of which I cant even remember. At first I tried more organic approaches like Melatonin, Chamomile tea, meditation, the usual. It had absolutely no effect on me. Then, the doctors gave me Trazodone as an anti-depressant and sleep aid all in one. It worked really well for a pretty long time, but after a while it just lost its effects altogether, and I didn't feel that upping the dosage would help. My doctors then suggested that maybe my insomnia may be better treated by treating its individual causes: anxiety and pain. For this, I was then prescribed Xanax once nightly as a sleep aid for the night time anxiety, as well as regular over-the-counter Ibuprofen PMs nightly for pain relief. This was amazing; it basically eliminated all the tension, running thoughts, and anxiety that used to keep me up until dawn. It also helped take my mind off the physical pain while the Ibuprofen was able to tone it down. It was just a great new feeling of finally not stressing about sleep. Sleep was no longer a dreaded chore, but a time to wind down, relax, and finally feel confident in my ability to sleep soundly. It was my wonder drug, and it changed my life. But, unfortunately, it seems I've started developing a tolerance to the Xanax. I've been taking it for a very long time, a year perhaps, and during that time I've gone from .5mg a night to 2-3mg, depending on how stressed or anxious I'm feeling at the time, and at this point I am unsure if this is healthy anymore. I just keep needing more and more mg's to achieve that mindset of relaxation that I need just to fall asleep. I feel like this dosage increase could escalate into some dangerous addictive territory, and I've read a lot about the consequences of benzo addiction and withdrawal. Is my dosage at a point of addiction or abuse or am I just paranoid? Is it time to find a new sleep aid for me? Preferably something like I had before; something that will just calm me down and help me get over this night time stress that keeps me up and will make me drowsy enough to sleep through it. Any ideas on more more anxiety-oriented sleep aids that aren't so addictive or tolerance building? I've never tired downright sleeping pills like Ambien or Lunesta, just drowse-inducing anti depressants and anti anxieties, but perhaps I should give the more general ones a try? Or would you say my current situation is still healthy? At this point, with school full fledged, I'm desperate. I NEED to sleep, and I NEED to be alert in the morning. My sleep is more important now than ever. I will be speaking with my doctor about this very soon, but I still wanted to ask for some fresh opinions on how I should approach this issue.

  • 8What is the best time to take natural herb sleep aids and which ones take the longest to work?

  • 9HIV/aids in India. what should employees working in national aids control programme do ?

    is also sitting on strike , like what everyone else is doing , People here are working for more than seven years , in the meager wage contract , which is sad low ( less than peon or sweeper working in the same hospital drawing) and are placed guyis graduate in psychology and social work with each having experience of over 5 years and some even more than 10

  • 10HIV/AIDS in India. meet the insecure professionals working in National AIDS Control Programme?

    everyone is working in the National AIDS Control in diffrent positions . Counselors are thinking with graduate degree in social work , psychology , or professional experience of 4 - . 5 years and less than wage laborer sitting outside drawing no atmosphere or sweeper cleaning room every morning there They have seen "India shining " " Incredible India " G.D.P. growth of 8 % + 6% + inflation sensex rise to about 5 times real estate prices touching new highs hear every day about job creation in India wages are higher and higher workload increasing them every day , and on earth people know their rapid dissemination and disclosure even asked to work on Sundays They have families to feed parents to care for children raised a standard of living to HOLD remmuneration receiving much less than you deserve , there are jobs that are not scheduled and other hospital personnel , no job security , no provison of the leaves , the right to other benefits

  • 11Pregnancy symptoms, second pregnancy ?

    I have 17 years I have a daughter of 8 months ( from a previous relationship ) and separated in June. I had severe postnatal depression and gave my daughter to her father for 8 weeks , I still had contact, but I did not feel a bond . with my ex - boyfriend from being a complete control freak , i lost most of my teenage life . I spent my 17th birthday on the 16th sitting in his bedroom while he played on the xbox . i was not allowed to leave and was abusive . so I took the first opportunity I could to get out .. Right now I'm seeing someone else get along very well , we are like the same interests , the same and we just clicked . we have been seeing for almost three months and have had a period since I had my baby . That was three weeks ago today . a couple of days ago I had really bad cramps accompanied by some bleeding , so it is suspected that it was my time of the month again . because I did not know how to regulate my periods would .. Now yesterday I was an emotional wreck . i went from almost crying , to be angry , quiet , very grumpy . I have back pain and I was sick last week so I did not eat anything for three days . but now I can not stop eating ! I do not know if I 'm making for it or what, but I'm worried she might be pregnant again. I do not know if it's just me being paranoid , but every year no idea seem to add up to me?

  • 12A question about HIV/AIDS?

    My brother in law was diagnosed about 10 years ago. He has had a hard battle with his disease. Softball sized lymph nodes, coughing fits etc... However recently, he has gone into a new stage that I am trying to figure out if it is related. He threatened my sister about a month ago, and swears to god that he does not remember ever saying anything to her. Then last night he made up this HUGE story that I reported him to the police about abusing my children. He lives in San Fran, CA we live in Phx, AZ. He swears to god that the police said I was the one who made the complaint, yet when I called the SFPD, there was NO record, reports etc... that there was ever a case opened against him, from me regarding my kids. I have read that late stage AIDS patients have issues with memory and such, so i am trying to figure out if this is a real issue or if he is full of crap. This is causing a huge rift in my marriage. We have been 110 % supportive of him, but now that he is threatening my own family and my children, as well as myself, I am looking for answers. Thank you