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Has anybody ever took 5htp tablets to treat depression? If so did they have any effect? related questions

  • 1Has anybody ever took 5htp tablets to treat depression? If so did they have any effect?

    Have you ever led anyone 5HTP tablets for the treatment of depression ? If so, have any effect?

  • 2Should i try 5HTP tablets ?

    I have got mild depression, i also get panic attacks and get quite anxious. I heard from someone about 5HTP tablets that might help me. My doctor won't give me any tablets for my condition. I was wondering should i try the 5HTP pills? Also has anyone tried the 5HTP tablets and felt any different?

  • 3What should i do about the side effect of my tablets?

    I have an under active thyroid so i have to take Levothyroxine. Ever since i started taking it, it has stopped me sleeping and it gets worse when i increase the dose. I have had this problem for 8 months now and i have not got more than an hours sleep every night for months. I have been to see loads of doctors, a lot of them say it is the thyroxine causing it but i have to stay on it because there is no alternative treatment. I also had a sleep study done at a sleep clinic and they said the thyroxine is keeping my brain awake but all they suggested i do is take melatonin and go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday which i have been doing for 3 months now. The melatonin doesn't really work. I am sick to death of putting up with thi, it's ruining my life! I'm too exhausted to leave the house, it ruined christmas for me as well. Also, i found that the tablets dont even get rid of my other symptoms, despite my blood tests being normal i still have hair loss, cold hands and feet and constipation. No doctors will listen to me. I would like to go on Natural dessicated thyroid hormone but no doctor will prescribe it to me as it is not licsenced in the uk. I dont know what to do!! i cant take it anymore. please help

  • 4Positives/negatives of taking depression tablets for depression?

    Hello , I started to accept that I'm depressed , as I have been suffering severely from all the symptoms associated with depression : * Sad persistent anxiety or

  • 5Is there clinical help to treat unwanted Xanax dependency that doesn’t treat a person as a drug abuse patient?

    My wife has been prescribed Xanax for 12 years to alleviate the symptoms for panic/anxiety disorder. She has been admitted to the hospital in the past as dosages were increased to the point of lethargy, confusion, coordination difficulties and other injurious side effects. At the hospital she suffered a terrifying crash that ultimately resulted with medical advice to continue the drugs. The use of the herb St. Johns’s Wort, Sam-e, vitamin C, B-complex, Omega3, Gingko, CoQ10 and other supplements have helped with her efforts to get off Paxil and cut her dose of Xanax to a minimum over time. She has improved her health and is determined to cope with life without the drug that has caused more harm than good. There are clinics for drug abuse but they are not geared for a true unwanted medical dependency. If anyone reading this has a good resource online or in the Lakeland/Tampa Bay area please post it.

  • 6Does anyone know anything about the herbal 5htp?

    I reserched a little about it , so I ask what I need to know what milligrams to give my 8 years old , and I can see that can cause weight loss , but it does help to chemical imbalances in the brain and son has small nail patella syndrome one diorder genetics and could help with missing chromosome that is associated with this syndrome

  • 7Can depression effect ejaculation?

    My boyfriend has been diagnosed with severe clinical depression . He can not seem to ejaculate more , this could be caused by depression you have?

  • 8How to treat depression? Blunted feelings in depression?

    I'm 16. My psychiatrist diagnosed me with clinical depression in April this year. Then, I had low mood, lack of motivation, inability to concentrate, sluggish thinking. A month later, I developed stronger suicidal tendencies and started having extremely mild psychotic symptoms. These suicidal tendencies and extremely mild psychotic symptoms are gone now. Since April, I have been taking Fluoxetine (Prozac) and Fluvoxamine (Luvox), with the highest dose at 30 mg and 100 mg respectively. So far, there has only been some improvement in my mood and suicidal and psychotic thoughts, but not other symptoms, such as inability to concentrate, sluggish thinking and lack of motivation. My psychiatrist noted that I "have not fully responded" to the antidepressants and therapy. If I still don't respond in 2 weeks' time, he will change my antidepressant type. In addition, I also have blunted feelings, that is, I can't feel anything. I can't feel happiness or sadness, which makes me feel not depressed. This may be the mind's defence mechanism for me to escape the pain of depression. Is there any way to make me feel something? Is there any way to treat the depression?

  • 9What do you use to treat your fibromyalgia, and how do you treat your sleep problems?

  • 10How do you treat depression?

    im 16 , I have not felt well for a while , constant headaches , unexplained anxiety , and other things . I have read on websites that are reliable with symptoms of depression and I seem to have some of these symptoms . I 'm going to a doctor soon , not for depression , but I will talk about what I'm feeling . I really want to change my life because I'm not myself and I do not want to keep feeling this, I feel miserable. I have not told my parents . I have complained of symptoms such as headaches , anxitey and all that, but does not seem to care. I wonder how doctors treat depression , though , therapy, medicine?

  • 11How can I treat depression...?

    I've been depressed about .. for three years , and my depression extends from ... through almost - severe . Some of the symptoms I have are ... Low self-esteem ( to the point where I hate to ask others if I can borrow a pencil or something during class ) . It takes me about thirty minutes or so to fall asleep at night. Overeating at the time and my weight has not changed much . Depressive feeling for most days . I have lost interest in hobbies that I liked ... I have a lack of motivation - Thinning attention span - I can not concentrate well that after the first five or fifteen minutes (thirty minutes if you really try to concetrate ) ... I feel I have a purpose to live , really. I think at this point in time - I need to find a cure that works for me, . I'm trying to work out at the moment , and I'm about to try meditation to help and diet . I can not go to the doctor , however , or taking medication. Rather ... I'm trying to find a cure that really will not notice the other ; The reason for this is because of my age ... I'm not anywhere near 18 at the time , and my parents ... I have no intention of telling them because I do not understand ... (I can not think of another way to say it ) .... So - if you could help , I would really appreciate it ...

  • 12Are there ADD meds that rarely cause depression as a side effect?

    My daughter, now fourteen, is the only person I know who has experienced severe depression as a result of taking medication for ADD . She was diagnosed with ADD in fifth grade, and has participated in a clinical trial of Focalin through pediatric practice we were using at the time. It worked great , but after a month on it, my daughter was so depressed once cleared he would mourn and could not stand it. Later, we tried Adderall , my son had used successfully , but did not have the same effect on her as Focalin . The depression was so frightened that she is very reluctant to try anything else. We're having a real problem in school now , because she is twice exceptional , very talented on a track at school, but as affected by complement usually spends five to six hours on the task. Connects away because she will not do less than the best , but may not participate in any activities outside of school , and that adversely affects the whole family. With four more years of school ahead, we are desperate for options. She loves school, but the work is only going to get tougher. Reducing overtime assignments and their teachers have volunteered have not done much of a dent , so I've never looked meds again. Any advice ?