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  • 1I need information on aspergers?

    My 14 year old son may have Asperger syndrome .

  • 2Do i have aspergers ?

    Ok i suffer from depression and have done for many years. i have never really gone to the doctors about it before i just keep it all in, but now im getting worse and worse. its not just depression thou for many years i know i have been different from other people even thou i look normal. i prefer to sit in my own room without people around me, i find daily life hard where most people find it easy, like: listening, learning new things, being socialable etc. Even stuff like most men do like D.I.Y etc i cannot do it seems very hard for me to do, even tieing a knot it takes me 4 mins off stress to get it right, i know im not probably making any sense because i find it hard to explain myself alot. Well any way i know sumone from the internet who is a very good freind that has aspergers, and i explained everything to him how i feel and he asked me if i get what he gets and he recons i have aspergers. i done the test online and scored 31 i know it aint accurate. just wondering if the signs im saying, do u think i might have it or another condition. sorry i havent explained myself properly

  • 3Know what aspergers is?

    Hi theres this girl in my school that I have a crush on her is very nice, but it is very rare at break and lunch stands still and not talk to anyone I do not think I have friends and once when he got a question geometry just got very exicted why this flapping with his hands and when I got the courage to ask her to hang out she looked down and said :

  • 4Undiagnosed Aspergers?

    A boy I know is very, very attached to me. He follows me around but doesn't speak. He is extremely anxious and flustered when someone asks him a question. He doesn't understand social cues at all and does very awkward things. I didn't respond to two of his emails once because I was away from the computer all day and he called me, crying, because he thought I was mad at him. I've looked up the symptoms of asperger's syndrome and he matches them almost perfectly. It's like no one ever sat him down and explained the unwritten rules of socialization, and my friends and I can't think of how else to help him. We're friendly, we invite him to sit with us at meals and make sure we include him in things. It's like he really, really wants to be social but is trapped somehow and can't get there. Someone said I could try suggesting he see a counselor, but I don't know how to tell him this without being rude or hurting his feelings. I just don't know what to do anymore but I can't give up on him. I feel like that's all anyone has done for his whole life: given up on him because they were too frustrated to deal with him. How do I try to get him to see help?

  • 5Do I have Aspergers syndrome?

    I would highly appreciate answers for this for it has been eating me for so long. I think I have Aspergers syndrome. But these thoughts started about a year ago or so because of my strange behavior and things I think back to. I never suspected it as younger, but I wonder if that's because I never really came across someone with it, nor did I really read about it? When I was younger, I used to go very hunched. But when I got older I somehow stopped, but I've experienced other symptoms now. I can not tell if I have relatives with Aspergers because I don't live with my dad, nor do I talk to him. I only live with my mother and I am the only child. I know that on my mom's side, there are no relatives with aspergers or autism. The only really good support I get, is from a friend and my school. My school is amazing and they always help me if I need help. I have told one of my teachers about this and she has agreed on that my behavior is quite different. I almost don't THINK I have it, I'm almost SURE I have it. I'm going to a psychiatrist on Thursday, but I somehow am worried they will not diagnose me with it. I have a friend I've known for quite some time that has aspergers, and she was mainly the one that pushed me to finally call for help so I can get myself checked, for she really thinks I am an aspie. My mom does not believe I have it, and she thinks I am imagining it. But my mother does not know me well because I tend to isolate myself from her. My symptoms are the following: 1) I cannot see people in the eyes. It's an incredibly difficult task and it makes me feel uncomfortable. 2) I really dislike gymnastics and showing my body off to people. It got so bad, my teacher and I had to let me skip the gymnastic classes so I could write assignments connected to gymnastics instead. 3) My self esteem is incredibly low, and I avoid dressing rooms and mirrors. 4) I have very different thoughts than others and my classmates. 5) I easily get upset; It usually happens during lessons. At one time, about a week ago, I was forced to look at my phone to check the time because I wanted to see if it was an uneven number displayed, and my teacher had told me to put it down. When he did, I almost wanted to cry and felt horrible for the rest of the day. I still think about it. 6) I cannot concentrate in school when it comes to subjects I can't focus on. 7) Although I have a burning and passionate interest in the subjects I like and I can never stop practicing my Japanese. (English, Swedish, and Japanese only.) 8) I have a hard time going to the bathroom if my mother is awake in the house. 9) I need to lock my door, even if nobody is home. It feels safe, and if I have it unlocked when my mom is home I feel horrible. 10) I dislike breaking habits. 11) I easily get annoyed and I start sweating if I end up getting too annoyed. 12) It's really hard to be social in new groups. I am fine with a friend I've known for a long time, but once I need to get out and meet other people, I instantly lock myself in. And once I have been outside for quite some time with people, I somehow need a "break" from it by staying alone at home. 13) My speech is not the best. At times, I find myself sluddering or stuttering. Especially when I am arguing with my mother, I end up stuttering and saying the opposite meaning of what I mean. If I'm supposed to say "I did that yesterday!" I'll end up shouting "I did that today!" 14) I've heard I am unbelievably talented in learning languages. These are just a few of the symptoms I am experiencing, I didn't want to write out all of them because I have a feeling people will just ignore this if there is too much text. So I would appreciate it if I could get some feedback from more people. It would help me so much.

  • 6Do I have Aspergers Syndrome?

    I am a 14 year old girl . I want to explain something to you, and what kind tell me your honest opinion. I think I have Asperger syndrome . I have not diagnosed , but I have more or less self-diagnosed me . My mom does not think what I have . Like, I will ask things about me since I was a child , and she told me that one is I use it to go everywhere on my toes. And I said :

  • 7What are the symptoms for aspergers?


  • 8Do I sound like I have Aspergers?

    Well, my mom still thinks that I have, for various reasons, and here's why; -At a family gathering, I'm usually the quietest person. (However, I speak as long as someone is really talking to me). -I never know what to say or how to be assertive when people talk as a group. -When I was in high school, I was constantly on my mind, no body really spoke to me, some people took a dislike to me etc. (Most of the people in my school were something awful and inaccessible anyway, was no more than a small number of people that I was not afraid of speaking). -When in class, I would be the most peaceful and just got into my work, while most people talk and do nothing. -Also in the class, whenever I knew the answer to the question, I would never dare put my hand. So the teacher always picked me up at his place, it was mainly of Science as I was good in science. -Also in the class, I like to learn things really easy and fast because we always pay attention to detail. (Again, especially in science). The rest of the class was always slow, but I was in the top set. (It was always just me and some other smart guy who got on with the job). I'm also very creative too, I'm good at drawing, painting, etc, and not even got to teach or learn from anyone. It just sort of came from the four years. -From the four years it was moving both hands to draw or write or use both at the same time. 'When I was a baby, apparently did everything except early to talk. -It took a long time to learn to write and read. I could not write well until I was 8 and could not read when he was 6. -I have never read fiction books, I had a lot of Disney books, but I just read medical books and DIY when I was 6. -Also I can not relate to other people's conversations, for example if they are gossiping, I do not know what to say. I'm much better at talking about intellectual things. -. I'm really bad at expressing I also do not know if it's because of my low self-esteem or what So that's all true, if I had, I did not really be bothered. However I think that is all to do with my low self esteem. I did get allot bullied at school and have been labeled, dumb, retarded, slow, boring and weird. I have 21 now and currently in college, I have some good friends in my course, they are very well, most people are kind of more mature too and not as the villain. I have two part-time jobs too, which works in a hospital and the other as a graphic designer assistant (Well, I work with a graphic designer). However, in my Uni, I'm still so quiet in the class and type of fear of speaking in front of a group. (I have no idea why). A couple of weeks ago, just recently diagnosed with dyslexia and I have an auditory processing disorder, which type do listen and communicate with difficult people.


    Hello. I am a 24 year old man with autism/aspergers. I was diagnosed at 2 years old. I am a pretty high functioning no one on the street would be able to tell I have it. I was a little severe as a youngster growing up and I have improved throughout the years. I was diagnosed AUTISTIC as a youngster and now I classify myself as ASPERGERS. My question is, DOES AUTISM/ASPERGERS go away? I personally don't believe it can be because it's the way your brain is wired. Yes, I have improved tremendously cause I was in special education programs, speech, OT/PT, etc, but does it ever go away? I do show more signs of it when I'm alone and sometimes in front of people, but in a mature way. I still think it can't go away because it's the way the brain is wired, just like we're born with 5 fingers that we can't get rid of. If you guys can give your opinion on whether it goes away I would appreciate it very much...and no harsh comments please. Thank you.

  • 10Does my son have Aspergers Syndrome?

    Hi I heard about autism and Asperger syndrome and did not know much about him. I always thought my 13 year old son had an abnormal behavior . Has daily routines , for example , wakes up at 5 in the morning and eat the same cereal and then take a shower if this routine has changed slightly as empty cereal will have a huge melting will start yelling or screaming if i MOVE3 something somewhere is going to go ballistic . Every night he goes to bed at 8 and read for 15 minutes. It has terrible handwriting and do not like writing things large . He is very smart and knows many facts about science and social studies. Or math loves to read and always have a book. Always kind of sad and jokes receives no other children and I can not look at other children in the eye that I noticed and kind of shakes with other people and get nervous . He does not really show emotion or whenever I try to give her father a hug that will harden and type of back i live these are symptoms if you know please share with me ? How's that for an Asperger child ? This happened recently probably started having great signs when I was 8 so he can get over time ? thank you!

  • 11Do you think I have Aspergers Syndrome?

    Okay, now this might be sorta long. Just saying. I think I have Aspergers. My mother doesn't. I've done some research, and whatnot, and come to found out that it's likely to not see Aspergers in a girl. Symptoms I have: Rocks back and forth (sometimes) Doesn't like to look people in the eyes. Gets mad easily. Rude to people without knowing that I'm being rude. :/ Acts "Weirder" than other people. ........... I get focused on certain subjects such as the band Hollywood Undead, and researching things such as "Aspergers Syndrome" My mom doesn't think I'm focused on any subjects though. .... I prefer to be by myself, or with my friends. Never with my parents, or family. And I'd rather be by myself than with friends, but I tend to hangout with them as well. ..... I'm going to be 14 in January! .... When I was in headstart I got anger tantrums every day. I once kicked the principle in the balls, because he was trying to make us go back to class instead of staying out for recess. It was so bad they made me stay in headstart for 2 years. :P I still get mad, but tend to controll it better than I use to. I usually just grab my head, and shake...... Or yell......... Or ignore.... Or other things. Like hit the walls, throw things. I threw a chair at school the other day, cuz a teacher made me sit by myself for no apparent reason other than her being a complete bi***. .... I know you may consider those anger issues, and I would have to agree with you on that, but it's a common Aspergers symptom as well. :P .... As I said before though, my mom doesn't think I have it, and trys to ignore the subject. .... I honestly think I have it, but she wont take me to a sitarist, so no point of going to a doctor. Comment and tell Me if You think I have it! Thank You!!!!!!! (: Also, I have trouble reading people. Like idk what they are feeling, amd shtuffff. BTW I act different than other teenagers.

  • 12Could I possibly have aspergers? What to do?

    Ok , so I might have Asperger syndrome or other disorder or something? Oh , and if not what should I do about it? Please do not say go to a docter or anything just something I can do, in general, basically on my own. Thank you. I have these really weird obsessions with things People say I speak very intelligently or I relate socially but sometimes I feel very nervous or irritated and off to the bathroom or something I am EXTREMELY awkward I am very intelligent (actually I'm not trying to brag ) in all other subjects , except science and sport : ( I'm very hard on toys, dolls, technology in general anything I pull apart and basically destroyed I I have trouble understanding the emotions of others in a lot of the time though, I can easily see me I never realized how important things but small things I notice and get annoyed by People say I can be quite rude , awkward and brief ( but I do not think it's so short, emphatic yes , rude maybe) I have trouble going to sleep I have 13 years , girl.