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Melatonin doseage and Usage? related questions

  • 1Melatonin doseage and Usage?

    I have been taking prescription sleeping pills on and off for years for chronic insomnia . I have tried melatonin in the past, but I can not remember what dose I was taking. I know that the few times that I took and the dosage , which made me feel awful ! I have a bottle of tabs 3MG .. What is a good dose to start . I do not use the whole of Lunesta due to concerns of dependency ... If I can get a good dose of melatonin work think it would be much better as it is a normal occurring substance in the body ...

  • 2Abstinence-like symptoms because of stopping DXM usage after a half year, any help?

    So my friend stopped using DXM after a year and a half of intensive ( every 2 days) . Now is not the DXM probably for a week and experience tremors , mood swings and depression sometimes. After his last dose of dex felt high in the next three days . How long will this last withdrawal like things ?

  • 3Marijuana usage causes: insomnia, depression, depersonalization and derealization how to deal?

    I've been smoking kush 2g myself every 3-4 days ( make cubes and lungs ) . Insomnia : Since I left (4 days ago) I slept three hours the first night , the second 6 hours and hours to zero over the next two days . I slept nine hours over 4 nights ! And yesterday night I was writhing on the bed , which is the reaction of my body to the THC in my system yet . Depression : My best friend always tells me to be its high or low her lol . Trust me , the depression becomes pretty bad especially when I can not sleep , I felt like a knife in the stomach with a knife . Depersonalization / derealization : Basically nothing seems real, and you feel as if you're dead or an outside observer . It's pretty scary . ( Look up for more information ) . It also causes loss of appetite , anxiety and nightmares ( dream once again) . Conclusion : Do not start , and if you have good to be prepared for this when you quit. Tho I think that will only experience these symptoms if you smoke a lot and if you have smoked for a while . Never had this until four days ago , and I have quit smoking within 6 months before and never experienced this. So it's something we can expect in the long run , I guess. I just want to inform you guys , and tips on how to deal would be greeat .

  • 4Have you ever taken melatonin for your tinnitus?

    I have tinnitus for more than a year, and that melatonin helps to read with him . I wondered that no one has tried , and how it worked for you . It did , how long ? And how long it take to work ? Thank you !

  • 5Has anyone ever taken melatonin for sleep?

    I have insomnia and I was a witness to a really tragic incident the other night, I have not been able to sleep and when I do I have nightmares, I finally got my ambien filled but my dad gave me some melatonin tonight and says it works wonders? anyone had luck with it by chance?

  • 6Wat r the side effects of melatonin?

  • 7Can you get Melatonin in the UK? BF's Insomnia driving us both potty!!!?

    My BF is really suffering at the moment, he takes ages to fall asleep, is asleep for only a little while then wakes up n starts all over again. Im almost positive this is solely down him being very stressed at the moment, would you suggest this Melotonin ive heard about or something else? (He has tried some of the usual things, hot milk/chocolate/chamomile/ kalms but all to no real effects) Thanks from A very tired girlfriend ...yawn!

  • 8My friend is looking for a tea with both valarian root ad melatonin?

    Does anyone know what it's called or who makes it?

  • 9Why do I wake up in the middle of the night when I take melatonin?

    Is there any way to stop this from happening? It works well to help me fall asleep and I sleep soundly for a good amount of time, but then I wake up like 4 or 5 am wide awake. Any help??? Thanks

  • 10I take melatonin but I never get a good nights rest? ?

    I can take melatonin every night before I go to bed . But as long as I wake up it's time to get up , I'm always exhausted and tired durring the day. So I ask my doctor about another type of sleeping pills ? Suggestions ?

  • 11I heard that melatonin is the best cure for insomnia.?

    The problem is how do I get it in Malaysia since the government has banned ... an alternative?

  • 12Feeling extremely depressed; wondering if it has to do with melatonin?

    So, during this past week, I have been feeling unbearably depressed, and it's only getting worse. I also began taking melatonin each night for the past two weeks. I googled the side-effects of melatonin; according to one source, it can worsen depression. I have never been to a therapist, and so I'm not diagnosed with clinical depression,so I don't know; does this mean I DO have depression? Or does it mean that there is another cause for my horrible, horrible mood? I mean, I've always felt depressed 3 days out of the week at least, but it's never been so bad. I am just wondering what I should do. I feel horrible. I can't sleep at all without the melatonin.