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QMelatonin doseage and Usage?

I have been taking prescription sleeping pills on and off for years for chronic insomnia . I have tried melatonin in the past, but I can not remember what dose I was taking. I know that the few times that I took and the dosage , which made me feel awful ! I have a bottle of tabs 3MG .. What is a good dose to start . I do not use the whole of Lunesta due to concerns of dependency ... If I can get a good dose of melatonin work think it would be much better as it is a normal occurring substance in the body ...

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#1EnglishAnswered at 2014-02-08 10:01:56
with capsules, 3 mg or 5 mg. With tincture (drops) you can choose the dose you preefer. Melatonin don't make you addicted, instead, with time you take even less melatonin! I started with 7 drops, to 5, to 3, to 1 and then, i never use it again.
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Melatonin doseage and Usage?

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