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I've been suffering from insomnia for the past 7 months, how do I get prescribed sleeping pills? related questions

  • 1I've been suffering from insomnia for the past 7 months, how do I get prescribed sleeping pills?

    After my relationship ended and at the same time I changed jobs it was quite stressed and I can not sleep. I tried all the natural resources , exercise, lavender baths etc nothing works . My job is very demanding and sometimes really can not have a bad night. I want to go to the doctor and get sleeping pills , not to drink every night , but sometimes I get really hyperactive and restless at night and I will not go to bed until 3-4 am and getting up early and focused. I was told that doctors are reluctant to prescribe these days sleeping pills , any advice?

  • 2Got sleeping pills for my insomnia?

    since school started I had insomnia for four days and was even running and weight lifting (lifting = bad idea insomnia mode ...) anyway I could not sleep for four days and still went through all my classes 8:00 a.m. is more or less and a lot of walking, so my body was dead. Dead Navy Seal hell week. But no matter how tired I was, I would lie in bed and just stood there. for hours. and time. trying to sleep. i finally sleep at 4-5 am and had to wake up again in 2-3 hours. and the few hours of sleep that I can were horrible. I could not tell if he was actually sleeping / dreaming or if he was awake. so I took a sleep aid of my friend, the next night was a pill tylenol pm, the next night I tried NyQuil. And now today. and I have not taken any pills. But I looked at a nearby store and found natural pills Irwin. Called to sleep pm. that has valerian and melatonin has the GABA and ashwaganda, and the pill also has additional minerals like calcium and magnesium. and patented Bioperine, so absorb more nutrients. I did research on sleeping pills, and things like tylenol / NyQuil and such were bad for u. and instead I found melatonin and valerian. having this pill. But even if it is natural ingredients. I am a person who does not really believe in medicine to fix. (Of course I believe that in the surgery / cancer and janx, I'm talking about stupid things like sleep / ADHD / rare diseases) I think people should fight it and fix and change theirselves. As ADHD children just take pills all the time. So I'm worried that if I become dependent on these pills to sleep an hour earlier. Will I be dependent, even in these natrual ingredients? Or after taking these pills for a few weeks and my sleep schedule is back to normal I'll be able to just sleep as before? Also this is not a new problem your reaccuring. I have insomnia every night Sunday before high school classes. and I always sleep like 24:00, even during high school and still had insomnia Sunday night. Always. Looking at the clock getting angrier and angrier. so I always pierce the wall. My wall has many holes. . . And I have punished by my parents like crazy hole. . . but W. E. u would be annoying if you wanted to sleep, but could not. I felt like stabbing anything that made noise a few nights ago.

  • 3I have chronic insomnia, should I take sleeping pills? Did they help you?

    I have sleep maintainance problems and sometimes sleep onset problems. I have stopped taking herbal remedies they sometimes help but they have not stopped my sleep problems. Im thinking about taking phamacuticals but Im worried about side effects such as addiction and tolerance. MAybe they will only help in the short term and my insomnia will rebound. Should I take them? Did they help you at all?

  • 4What to do when sleeping pills cannot cure insomnia?

    What to do when sleeping pills can not cure insomnia?

  • 5How do cure insomnia without using sleeping pills?

  • 6My wife has been suffering from insomnia for the past year.?

    She is diabetic and she refuses to take any prescription medications or over the counter medications to assist her with this condition. Does anyone know a good herbal or at home remedy for insomnia. She needs something that works; thanks.

  • 7How to cure Insomnia if sleeping pills don't work? But not using natural herbal remedies?

    What if I already have insomnia and you do not know what is the cause ? If sleeping pills do not work what would be next ? Could anxiety or depression causes insomnia ?

  • 8Sleeping pills!?

    Last year I went through a really brutal break up, and I started taking Tylenol PM at night to help me fall asleep ( I had a lot of anxiety). Since then I have gotten over the break up, but if I have a normal day, where I am not that tired I have to take something to help me fall asleep. I know this has to be a bad habbit to be in. Does anyone else have this problem? How would you suggest I get away from this?

  • 9Help with sleeping pills?

    okay so im 14 and im gonna take 2 3mg of melatonin. i was wondering if that's bad..? i need some details and need to know if its not a good idea. thanks =)

  • 10Sleeping pills?

    during the last 6 months I have been taking a pill ( otc ) every night to sleep , I lose my memory ?

  • 11Most Effective OTC Sleeping Pills + Q's?

    Hey guys , I'll be traveling around the world next week and would like to buy some sleeping pills to take with me to cure my jetlag as it is very difficult for my body to adjust to the new time for yourself . I'm not very educated on sleeping pills and I have some questions for the experts : 1. ) What is the sleeping pill most effective counter you can recommend? 2. ) Pills operate immediately or at least within the first hour ? 3. ) When I take the pills , I'll have trouble waking up in the night to goto the bathroom , or have trouble waking up in the morning ? Please just answer the questions. Thank you !

  • 12What would happen if I took two sleeping pills?

    A famous man took two sleeping pills because I could not fall asleep and died in his sleep because of it . What if I took a sleeping pill , then slept , then took another one another at a different time of day? Thanks :)