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QDo i have bipolar disorder or just anxiety and depression?

I have 18 years and I feel emotionless and numb , my mind feels anything at all , all day I feel a little dizzy happy "everything will be fine , you have bipolar , you just have anxiety and depression " , but then sometimes when I read on the Internet about bipolar I think to myself "my God, I think I have bipolar " I'm constantly looking on the internet to feel better , but sometimes back fire and makes me think I'm back mad , I get very disturbing thoughts about my mother , niece and any member of my family that I did not want to discuss .. Do I have bipolar disorder or is just anxiety and depression? Currently I'm on antidepressants

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#1abdAnswered at 2013-04-28 13:38:54
I think you're a little paranoid . and I think you have anxiety . I'm no expert , but I do not think it is bipolar . so do not worry about that honey . I think you just need to stop looking up stuff on the internet as it is disturbing u. and that's not helpful . just try to relax a little. meet with colleagues. do things that make you happy .
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Do i have bipolar disorder or just anxiety and depression?

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