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Only for people who deal with ADHD please...I am getting frustrated. How do you deal with husband with ADHD? related questions

  • 1Only for people who deal with ADHD please...I am getting frustrated. How do you deal with husband with ADHD?

    He has a problem of not remembering the important things he has done and said , and insists he does not remember . Also jumps from one topic to another without first resolving the issues addressed . It's like going in circles with him ? He has been on ritalin but not regularly . And lack of sleep seems to have aggravated the problem. What I can do ?

  • 2SAT IQ ADHD questions from a gifted student, people knowledgeable in IQ testing/gifted education/SAT/ADHD only?

    * I'm not trying to show off or be obsessive about my intelligence , I just want to know the facts , because the last two school years for me have been very confusing due to undiagnosed ADHD disorder , and really need to know what my strengths and weaknesses , and that ADHD is a disorder that causes deficiencies in many academic areas (especially stay focused on reading and writing essays ... aghh ) , and it is important for me to make up for these weaknesses and we know what my strengths are and use them to my advantage . I made a lot of personal research in this area . The things I know : I'm gifted , I qualified for the gifted and talented in my elementary school from 4th grade. Even among that group very intelligent people I felt like I was at the top or at the top of a class that 30 per person . When focused, I can learn at a high rate, can understand the essence of an argument , and follow lectures on subjects such as economics and physics with little or no difficulty ... I too am a curious person and learn through immersion in many subjects, including anthropology , finance , astronomy , psychology , etc. in a given situation , I am able to ask important questions that I may have an idea of ​​what requires the situation and then learn about the system (eg business ) . I see the connections between different fields and can often reach conclusions through intuition, etc. I received an SAT score of 1570 on the

  • 3How to deal with my narcissistic husband when i have some traits of borderline?

    have been married for 11 months to be exact on August 1 he is 28 and 20 m. the start was very good it was very sweet and all, but he was dominant from the start. it was an arrange marriage. Things start to go from the worst of the second month. when I have said no like or dislike, but his only. and he is my God and I will say watever. i was hurt, but I can live with that too. after two weeks evry something happen and not taking each other ultimatly my mother come to know about it at my face (I am the only son of my parents before I had my 3 children, but they all died shortly after birth) she can not see me upset. and what he and I talk, but nothing happens to jim ultimaly my mom forced me to talk to him and approach him first. he rejects me dont accept me. but the fact is that last night make me think I need help. we were taking, we never talk about what other neeed something from me or I have to ask you something. I asked him today was a nice wether it was rainy June afternoon, and I wish we had gone for a walk or passed through an ice cream to enjoy the weather. they answer you're eating ice cream worth a bit of money is small enjyment for u? I said no, but the time we spent together could have been enjoying for me. She said I should make clear in mind that he would get me ma ever. I have to stay home all ma life. told me that when you have children, wat about? said the take off. is back at 2 pm every day after a break to take a shower and leave the house to go to his friends. of what he says that r not my best friend than they asked me how many times I had done or said anything mourn. I asked him how many times u had made me mourn his response was that it was necessary to teach ua lesson. one more thing after marriage she was pregnant once and tel me he was concerned not happy and bring me to the doctor to take it. I guess with out and were asking abortifacient medicines. he had no regrets about that too. and now do unprotected sex and told me if u do not want children yet to take protection and his response was not pregnant or 6 months. about our sex life. its not going too well for me. who do foreplay and also obtained pre mature ejaculation too. after the second thrust first time he ejaculates. than going to sleep. at the beginning of the wedding to do a second time also. but not anymore. m left there. i asked to do something about it ignored. one more thing that two were virgins. your work is not very good. He is a teacher in a private school. all me, her parents and my parents asked him to apply for a government job or give in any institution cv greater good, but ignore that. he said good here his professional life is good. He is working very hard and honest. taught school in the morning and he wants to teach at night also today, is looking at it. Winning right now. but good for him alone. Not for me. he did not give me money or I asked. not monthly. He will bring all things for his own house. plz help me guys tell me how to deal with it. plz suugest something. its effcting my studies. m student also and I keep my average to 3.80 plus. BS in Psychology honers doing spent his masters degree in English literature with a 2.82 GPA. got no problem with my studies. Best wishes respect

  • 4Do you deal with cronic depression? Dysthymia? How do you deal with it.?

    I take my meds and it suits me find.... I'd just like to connect with others who have the same illness.

  • 5How is it possible that people with anxiety have the same symptoms of ADHD?

    I have been diagnosed with anxiety , I'm surprised , I thought I had ADHD because I'm hyperactive, easily bored , I can not concentrate , and pay no attention . However, it also worries me a lot and I get scared easily . Is it true that all this time was anxiety? Since I was a child I have had these symptoms , so it is possible for a person with anxiety can have the same symptoms as a person with ADHD ? and have since kindergarten ? Thanks , and finally anxiety medication makes me better ?

  • 6Career where I can help people with ADHD, Anxiety, and depression?

    What interests me in ADHD , anxiety and depression , as well as things like Alzheimer's. I am a college student right now and I want a career where I can help people with conditions such as these , however , I am looking for something relatively well paid ( at least six digits) . The main races I am considering are Neurology ( an MD ) or possibly clinical psychology . In neurology, the income would not be a problem , but I think that might be a stretch if I became a clinical psychologist . I'm thinking in psychiatry too, but I'm less interested in that. I am also interested in research , I think it would be great to develop new treatments and therapies ( or , possibly , a new drug ) for these disorders . But most research careers , as far as I know , not very well paid (probably up to about 70,000 or so, but I'm not positive) . Right now I'm majoring in Zoology ( Basically biology without plants ) and doing a minor Neuroscience . I'm thinking about changing my major to psychology , majoring in Neuroscience , and still remain in a Pre - Med track . ( That's a lot of psychological types , especially with all the science needed for Pre - med ) . Do you have any suggestions for careers that might fit my interests and needs ?

  • 7Do You Think This Is the Best Way To Deal With People Who Are Trying to Push You Around?

    I have 23 years now and I recently took a little low, part time job in a movie theater . Very simply selling popcorn (do not worry , I 'm doing my PhD in psychology at the moment, so this is not my career ) . As with all these guys jobs , managers like to yell at people for arbitrary reasons , most often the youngest employees . Probably so these managers can feel powerful . I often find that when managers or supervisors are trying to push me around, just act ( and feel ) are not affected by it . Now matter what these managers say to me ( not that this is an everyday thing ) , consistently show that only in a good mood and I am in no way intimidated by them . For example , yesterday , I have shouted from lunch at the wrong time . All the time , I acted very relaxed and at the end , I had taken over the conversation and ended when wanted. I did not argue back or act annoyed at all. Do you think that is the best way to deal with such people? Every time someone acts difficult, just act calm , collected , and confident by not allowing them affect your mood, after all? You think that just completely disarmed in every way ?

  • 8How do people deal with stress?

    i can't deal with stress or pressure. the second i have to do more than one thing or it's difficult i freak out and begin crying. i can't help it. how do people cope with stress?

  • 9How do I deal with manipulative people?

    For example , a family member who is younger than me , I was raised to let get away with it because they were younger , and now , at 40 still using the strategies that worked when I was a child . ie giving guilt trips , presenting a fait accompli after being "hurt " when it wants to do what she has prepared for you , and "happy " when you do. She also reads magazines and pop psychology that has an intelligent answer to everything, all of which are designed to ensure that you feel quite good about what she says , and it is your responsibility if you let him hurt you . ( but of course not allowed to " hurt " her) That's the situation I'm trying to solve. Does anyone have any suggestions ?

  • 10How do people deal with clinical depression outside of medication?

  • 11Why do people in my class make such a big deal out of a small joke?

    I'm in a psychological counseling program and every time I make a joke like lighter ( men are the problem in relationships ) everyone makes a big deal .. as I said just now that the worst of the world ... Why is that

  • 12How would you deal with a situation where certain people, mainly authority figures, doctors/gps/social workers

    behaved in a condescending , patronizing towards you ? plus it is already as difficult as you'd suffered the most of it and had been abused , who were 30 years of age , had been diagnosed with borderline PD , but also had symptoms of PTSD and depression . youd never used due to their problems . so basically there was a lot going on. and ontop of that had certain people and authority figures undermine their belief system , undermining their confidence , and behave in a condescending , unhelpful , irritating , talking to you , and condescending to you . How could I deal with this situation ?