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QHow to overcome depression without medication?

I have major depressive disorder ... He had been on Celexa that killed my sex drive and then Cymbalta which made me gain 15 pounds ... I know my depression is real and terrible , but I do not want to take medicine more ... I am willing to change my diet and exercise every day, but if anyone has any other ideas ( what to eat , how much exercise ) I'm willing to take all suggestions ...

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#1LaToya WilliamsAnswered at 2013-05-04 04:19:24
My doctor suggested taking a supplement of Omega - 3, a complex supplement B50 , a vitamin D ( 1000IU ) and increased my daily exercise regimen . I suggest asking your doctor for a blood test to see if you are deficient in any of these areas . I found out after a blood test my vitamin D levels were half of what they should be and that this contributes to energy levels . Personally , I am on Cipralex because vitamins alone will not help me . I suggest asking your doctor for a different medication and explain your issues in great detail with the previous two . If you have an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain, all the vitamins and exercise in the world will probably not be able to compensate for this deficit . Good Luck!
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How to overcome depression without medication?

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