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QDoes sleep that's induced by medication still count as quality sleep?

I have insomnia and has caused my metabolism to slow down to almost nothing , my hair has stopped growing , and my muscles are always in constant pain. My doctor told me that this will reverse once you start getting adequate and

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#145843Answered at 2014-02-23 06:40:27
Yes , it still counts as quality sleep once your sleeping pattern has changed for the better. What pills do is to establish a pattern and ease insomnia. Once a positive and adequate sleeping habit has been established, the prescribed pills should be stopped. So what we need is a long-term establishment of sleep sufficiency, not a quick fix of a few days or weeks.

But there are side effects to medication depending on what kind of hypnotic you are using, such as daytime faigue and other symptoms. Prescribed medication should only be used in the shortest time possible as it should not be used as a permanent cure for insomnia. For this reason, doctors usually recommend other methods first such as light exercises and sleep hygiene techniques to aid sleep.

If that fails , doctors will prescribe sleeping pills which should be used with care and sensibly. Dependence on hypnotics is possible, especially with Benzodiazepins , along with other problem such as rebound-insomina, anxiety , disorientation, etc.

I recommend the combination of light walking , 30 minutes to 1 hour before sleep , with an addition of melatonin pills ( over-the-counter , otherwise called as a supplement in America ) which help you have deeper sleep, without the risk of dependency and fatigue that the prescribed ones often bring
#2AngelaAnswered at 2014-03-24 22:10:13
Sounds like you don't have a choice, right? Sleep or die. Any which way you can.

If you want to try supplements, instead of a prescription, here are some things to try (available online or at your local health food/supplement store):

Melatonin 3 mg (preferably controlled release)

Good luck!
#3GGeAnswered at 2014-03-28 00:19:23
yes, that sounds awful. hopefully he/she has done other tests beyond thyroid, like pituitary/other endocrine studies? Atleast , take multivit or B complex, your hair can start to fall out and not just grow.
REM sleep is important and antidepressants interrupt this sleep pattern, and Wellbutrin can cause hair loss/thinning, FYI. sounds more than just insomnia...
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Does sleep that's induced by medication still count as quality sleep?

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