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QWhats a good substitute for medicinal marijuana?

I smoke marijuana for anxiety , depression and mood swings evil . However, I just moced from Los Angeles to Las Vega , where products and legality are both incomplete . Im tired of paying $ 20 a G for shwag . Is there something I can replace easily attainable rhat marinuana looking for? Spices not a substitute ad the first person to say that salvia is a moron . Like that annoying fred says: I NEED MY MEDICATION !

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#1JerryAnswered at 2014-02-03 21:11:32
How'd you waste time on my question? I already go answers on mine. You have none. The mere fact of you coming onto my question and ranting about how I didn't give the answer you wanted is childish.

Next time do your own research before asking questions.

You can't talk smack to me just because you have a screen to hide behind.

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Whats a good substitute for medicinal marijuana?

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