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What are some of the negative effects of caffeine? related questions

  • 1What are some of the negative effects of caffeine?

    Like many people, I'm addicted to caffeine , I can not start the day without a cup of coffee , and I need at least 3 more throughout the day to keep energy levels . If I have caffeine late at night , I have a very good sleep, but that's all I can think. Are there other , or caffeine is the perfect drug ?

  • 2What are the effects of too Much Caffeine?

    I had loads of cups of Coffee, about 5 cups. I forgot some of the things I did, also I felt dizzy a bit. And I still feel dizzy!

  • 3Prednisone: How much should we be concerned about its negative effects?

    I was told that long term and perhaps high doses, this drug can cause severe side effects such as weight gain, immune suppression, osteoporosis, and exacerbate other health issues. I'm mainly concerned about its immuno-suppressant qualities, and its interaction with other inhaled corticosteroids...meaning if the combination of all of them will further suppress the immune system even more? Do the inhaled corticosteroids produce any negative immune effects too or just the oral tablet? And last but not least, how long is the immune-suppressing side effect in effect for? The first 24-48 hours after you take the pill? Is it dosage dependent? The first week? I want to know if we should just stay home while we're on prednisone therapy to avoid getting sick, or if we can go out. It worries me. Any advice? thanks.

  • 4What are some negative effects these can have on a baby during pregnancy?

    caffeine smoking secondhand smoke illegal drugs (any drug) counter drugs (any drug) radiation / x - ray stress Also can someone please define FAS ( Fetal Alcohol Syndrome )

  • 5Why do people think weed has no negative effects?

    Why do people think weed negative effects on people? I hear potheads say that a lot.It's true that weed has positive effects but it has a lot of negative effects as well but for some reasons a lot of smokers seem to deny that it has any bad effects at all and seem to be very ignorant when it comes to that subject.I think smoking weed every once and a while isent a bad thing at all but if you smoke everyday or every other day you will start to see some really negative and bad effects but i dont think you will see these negetitive effects if you smoke 6-12 times a month. I was a heavy smoker for a long time about 10 months i smoked weed everyday about twice a day.When i first started smoking i really had no problems weed made my happy i still did good in school i wasn't lazy at all and it really did help me relax but after i started smoking everyday for about 10 months it got really bad i started having panic attacks almost every time i smoked i have Psychosis and i am very paranoid i feel after abusing weed it ruined my personality and my socail skills and it made my depression worse.

  • 6What are the negative and positive effects of sugary drinks?

    What are the abnormalities or diseases you will get from them .

  • 7Are there any negative health effects associated with drinking diet soda.?

    I see that diet soda has no calories and no sugar , so it seems to be a great alternative to regular soda is loaded with sugar and flavor really not so different . Are there any negative health consequences of drinking diet sodas ? Thank you.

  • 8Researchers who focus mainly on the negative effects of workplace stress are likely adhering to which of the f?

    The four responses are A. humanist B. medical C. clinical / counseling D. engineering Can someone please help me I think it's clinical / counseling , but not quite sure what I'm reading in the book . This is for my Occupational Psychology class .

  • 9How much caffeine will it take to kill someone?

    Just want to know because I want to try it and if I say I'm going to get a drink with a lot of caffeine and see how much I can take can not stop me hahahah

  • 10Can caffeine induce psychosis?

    I just read an article on Yahoo! news that the lawyer for a man who hit two pedestrians while speeding down one

  • 11Is there a link between caffeine and depression ?

    people , I wondered caffeine increases the symptoms of depression ? I have 21 years and all my life I have had problems with self-esteem and social anxiety , but not so great an extent in that I could work and live a normal life . I've been drinking coffee for years and I do not really affect anything until a year ago . University became very hectic for me and I was very wrong in my courses and I suddenly realized what I began to harbor negative attitudes toward me and began to constantly belittle everything I did . I was so exhausted and nauseous in the morning and could not concentrate in school . I found something online about how apples are better than caffeine stimulants like sugar will get you alert and focused . Although I was skeptical about this, I decided to give it a try and caffeine eliminated in favor of the fruit. In doing so , I have noticed drastic changes in the way I feel and while I still lack confidence and suffer from some social anxiety , I think my mind clings to these negative feelings . When these thoughts come , just stick around for a while and then are replaced by my mind convinces me that you can and will succeed in whatever I do if I try . In the past I used to wake up scared and dreading the day ahead but now those thoughts I could not think anything . So you think that caffeine had a role in all this ? I remember I sent a query here in the past about my self-esteem and social anxiety problems and someone said here that needs help and should seek out a therapist because I was a

  • 12Best Herbal Tea caffeine free?

    I have Anxiety problems and I was wondering what is the best kind of Herbal Tea. I want a kind that is healthy and caffeine free. I know white tea is low in caffeine but I'd like Herbal since it free of caffeine.