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QAny herbal remedies to help opiate withdrawl?

I recently detoxified 4 years of opiate addiction . Although the hard parts more im still having problems with RLS , insomnia , and great anxiety . Any herbal remedy -Safe - not addictive ?

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#1RoosterAnswered at 2014-03-06 20:19:12
There are several herbal remedies that might help, but some people say herbal remedies arnt for everyone, which they might not be but giving it a try wont hurt.
The following page i have posted below gives a good list of several herbs that help with insomnia and alot of them will even help with anxiety because there meant to help relax you. Again its not 100% it works for everyone but not bad to give it a try.
Stuff that might help also when u take some of these at night is drinking a hot cup of chamomile tea and taking a warm/hot shower to help relax u might work well. Also congrats on getting over ur addiction thats a hard thing to do for alot of people im sure u'll do great.
-Also something else that helps alot of people is massage therapy, here where i live they have school where interns give massages for $20 and it helps alot of people who have the same symptoms as u. I went to school for massage therapy and had clients who said it helped them ALOT, cause sometimes even though they couldnt get sleep, it at least would help them to relax once in a while and made them feel extremely better.
#2XingAnswered at 2014-03-12 11:20:14
pomegrante as an antioxident to clean out your system
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Any herbal remedies to help opiate withdrawl?

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