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I don't know why I'm feeling so depressed. I'm thinking of taking 5htp . What do you think? related questions

  • 1I don't know why I'm feeling so depressed. I'm thinking of taking 5htp . What do you think?

    Do not know why I feel so depressed. I'm thinking of taking 5HTP . What do you think ?

  • 2Feeling Suicidal and thinking of taking a leave of absence from work?

    I recently graduated from college with a degree in psychology . I realize you need more education to become a therapist or work in the field of psychology , but I decided to take a CNA course after graduating from the school of thought that I wanted to continue nursing . I am currently working as a CNA / Caregiver and enjoy the same. However, I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for many years , and my depression has worsened steadily since graduating from college . I am being treated by a psychiatrist for depression with different drugs , however , have continued to struggle with thoughts of suicide . I feel no hope for the future and I am afraid it will be stuck in my current job. I realize it will not be able to make a decent living unless I get more training of some sort, but suicidal thoughts make me feel that all makes sense and there is no point in trying for anything . I realize I should be grateful for the job in this economy and I am. However, I wish I could be more optimistic about the future , instead of using suicide as a way out. Should I take a leave of absence from work to work on being more psychologically stable ? I am at a loss what to do .

  • 3Why do u ppl get depressed, and why do teens get depressed? i dont kno y but my life is good and im popular?

    ppl who get depressed r just cry babies

  • 4I dont know if he likes me anymore?:'( please help me, feeling suicidal?

    so me and this have got really close the past few months, and we told eachother we like eachother, also i am moving to his school. anyway, it all got out in his school and theres this other girl who goes there and people told her and then he was acting off and told me he feels bad cause he wanted to tell her for himself, and that actually killed me /: i dont know why, and i said do you still like me and yeah said well yeah so i was like you dont sound to sure, and he said look i do but i feel really bad on that girl and she goes to his school so they see eachother everyday, i sat there crying for about an hour, i couldent breath, i really like him, it would kill me if he dident like me anymore, i am meant to see him today and he wants me to but i dont know if he still likes me, he said he does hes just annoyed with people, and i feel so unwanted i cant stop crying, do you think he still likes me? what should i do ? please help me:'/

  • 5I'm feeling suicidal after taking antidepressants?

    I have 15 years and was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety a few months ago . Since then , I have tried to talk to a psychologist , but it did not help , so my psychiatrist prescribed me Prozac . He warned me that can make me want to hurt or kill themselves . I think I'm feeling pretty suicidal at the time , but I can not tell if it's because of the pills or if I'm just the same as it was before. I'm so scared that I might do something stupid , but I know if I tell my psychiatrist I will take the pills and be back to square one . Should I tell him or just hold on and hope these symptoms go away ?

  • 6Thinking of taking up Psychology...?

    Hello , I'm in my first year of college and I'm very interested in psychology , I'm hoping to take in college and I am currently researching all the different types of psychological careers . Is there anyone out there who can give me some advice ? I've looked in clinical psychology and it looks pretty good . Any advice or suggestions would be great = ) thanx

  • 7Just started taking Cymbalta last week and am feeling very irritable and anxious?

    will this pass in time? Right now I'm taking 30 mg, and starting next week I will take 60 mg.

  • 8I think im depressed but i dont know? any help? x?

    i took a test about depression on the internet and it came up with this; Major Depression: High-Moderate Dysthymia: Moderate Bipolar Disorder: Extremely High Cyclothymia: Extremely High Seasonal Affective Disorder:Extremely High does this mean that i have a depression disorder? please help, i really need it :) thank you x

  • 9Depressed, but dont know why?

    I am a little anxious at this time , and I can not get a good sleep , I'm always stressed and exhausted . Sometimes I do not want to move and just want to sleep all day. I'm lazy going to school. and whenever I have a little problem, I think it's like the end of the world . Do not know why I'm like this . I have not known the problems , my family loves me and I have many friends. and advice me on this. this could be a sign of illness ?

  • 10I want to go off zoloft, but i dont want to get depressed again.?

    I want to ask people if there is a drug out there that can help with depression , but unless and SSRI or SNRI . I've tried a few! Paxil , Zoloft and Pristiq . In Zoloft worked for the first time, but now I feel horrible. It's hard to explain. I feel very numb and disconected all. I feel bored . I feel depressed , but I can not mourn . I hate feeling this way . I feel disconected from everyone and everything . This feeling will destroy my relashionship that the medication made ​​me feel disconected from my partner , I know that I love you . Please help . Does anyone know or has been or is a drug that can maintain stable and helps me with my depression , but I feel so robotic .

  • 11I feel alone and depressed and dont know wat to do?

    I'm 18. I have been suffering from depression since maybe last october, but my mum tells me that i dont need cure andthat its just me, and that i have to make my self feel better .... its as if she blames everything on me, itsmy fault i'm depressed.... My friends are kind of invisible, we see each other maybe once a week and at the moment i feel that im being ignored or maybe placed second best. My family is driving me crazy, theyexpect too much out of me but im always sad and tired and cant do anything about it. Im emotionally abused especially by dad, he hates me, no respect at all, kicked me out of the house 4 times ever since i was 11, he bugs me all the time. I dnt have a boyfriend, i cant find a genuine guy, theyall want me for sex or for my body which is sad. All this is depressing me nd im sick of being alone and everyone 'against' me. Im sure my family and friends love me but why this distance?? I need help on how to better my life and my situation, I wanna move out of the housebut i have no money.

  • 12I have never been depressed in my life or so i dont think but?