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Mentally disoriented after anxiety attack? related questions

  • 1Mentally disoriented after anxiety attack?

    In the summer of 2012 , I had a blown anxiety attack - much more intense from a panic attack . This made ​​me so into the head. He had tried to fall asleep , I'd be so confused , blurred, felt f ****** mind , I can not explain more . After a few months , the symptoms have disappeared naturally . It also gave me major depression later. Now , major depression is gone. Anyway I have derealization serious and I realize I g et easily confused , and my mind is always in bad shape. I have a lot of anxiety disorders --- long life. His control at this time. Never drink, smoke , take drugs for anxiety / depression. Despite its much better than before , I still feel my mind is a little messy . How to make it go away naturally ? Please help if you have experience !

  • 2I had an anxiety attack? Do I have a anxiety disorder?

    I had to go to the hospital today because I had trouble breathing and chest pains and heart palipatations, but they did test on me and everything was fine thank goodness! But since everything turned out okay, I wonder if I had an anxiety attack as I looked at the symptoms of an anxiety attack thats what ive had! And this had happened out of nowhere I havent been diagnoised with having anxiety either is it possible that I have an anxiety disorder, I do have to admit its pretty tough to get me relaxed!

  • 3Am I having a heart attack or is just anxiety? HELP!?

    You see I am 16 years old and having a hard time figuring out what is wrong with me. Sometimes I have heavy breathing and lightheadedness. Sometimes it is like everything is a dream and I see the negative side of everything. I am not on drugs but it also seems like I am seeing the same thing over and over again. Groups of people make me want to be alone sometimes because they begin to argue. I have had this "Attack" happen three times now and have not spoken to a doctor. I had my physical yesterday but he said nothing is wrong. I also feel sweaty and my mouth gets very dry when I feel these "Attacks". Today I didn't know what was going on when I had one and I was very cold. It was pretty scary. What is wrong and what do your recommend I do?

  • 4How does anxiety and panic attack medication work?

    Like I find it confusing. How does it stop the panic and anxiety? Please help me understand. Thanks :)!!

  • 5Anxiety, depression , depersonalization, panic attack sufferer PLEASE HELP?

    Experiecing a feeling I'm not feeling my whole organs . as the heart (not sure if it is beating or not ... I used to put my finger on my neck and scare me ... ) but two ultrasounds for my heart was normal .. I still feel that I have no heart. sometimes beats slowly .. sometimes fast ... and my lungs ... I feel I am not getting air .. I also try to remember what I breathe in the last few seconds ... That scares me .. I feel I do not feel the air at all .. as I force myself to breathe .. I feel that my hands and legs so heavy and not mine ... So the reason I feel no balance .. I feel that things arounf me going up and down .. and I 'm kind of going away or faint .. worst comes when I try to sleep or wake ... I feel so much pressure on the head , neck and chest . like someone blowing into a balloon and it will explode in mychest .. or have something heavy on it ... hands and feet cold sweat ... and when I move ... I feel that I am not able to move in the direction you wish ... like jelly and moving abit bad to where I want to move .. Distorbed vision I have ... numbness throughout the body ... I look and I feel I am not .. as my spirit flew away .. and a devil came to live within me .. How can you beat that? How long u have it? do u feel like I feel ? What are your symptoms ? causing or that ? please share with me ... I am so depressed .. scary as hell .... since my death after a few seconds ..

  • 6What are symptoms of a recovery panic attack, anxiety,depression?

    In recent months I have had a lot of changes in my husband's layoff , loss of a home, move to another state , starting a new job , and after a car accident just great. Just after the car accident that was fine , but a month later I started with a panic attack . I thought I was dying I rushed to the emergency room and they took blood tests , examined my chest , blood pressure and the doctor said it was normal . The doctor said it was a panic attack and depression. After that I was not able to go to work for 2 weeks. I could not swallow the food I thought I was going to drown , after I could not sleep . I was afraid to sleep . And finally , my head felt like it was clogged along with all my ears . I could not see anyone who was not able to talk much and I was very pale . I lost weight rapidly.After lil therapy and other things like meditation , yoga , herbal remedies I'm feeling much better . I can socialize , I am able to eat even though I have no appetite . I am able to work . But when I'm alone , I still feel dizzy , as if my body is ready to quit , I still feel like I'm dying , but I do not feel my heart racing more . Even thought I physically look better , feel inside me chest tightness and severe burning , but not there. I do not know if that's part of the feeling of anxiety but I think all day every day . Only sleeping makes me feel better when I think about my body is ready to quit. As soon as I wake up these symptoms are these symptoms persists inside.Are normal after my body has gone ?

  • 7What do you do to feel better or get through when you're experiencing an anxiety/panic attack or depression?

    I'm currently going through some medical problems. I am a young adult and have been formally diagnosed with hypothyroidism, pernicious anemia, hormone/vitamin imbalances, sleep apnea and subclinical Cushing's. These illnesses have been physically devastating as well as mentally hard to push through. While dealing with these problems, I have added severe stress being put on me due to personal matters within my life. This stress has put me into a depression and the last few days I've had panic/anxiety attacks on and off. I already feel physically horrible when everything is okay, so this additional stress is taking a bad toll on me. I feel physically and emotionally crippled and I just want to feel better and stop the anxiety for some sort of relief. Any suggestions? All advice is appreciated xx

  • 8Mentally ill anxiety and depression, ive got a fear of going crazy and losing control?

    please give me some advice im on prozac and therapy

  • 9I'd just like a few words of advice - I'm really disoriented?

    I have 18 years old, and had anorexia for 5 years of my life. Since age 13 (when I was diagnosed correctly), I have been in countless doctors, therapists, psychiatrists and inpatient hospitalized for 8 weeks, when he was 16. I was admitted after having a cardiac arrest and being in the hospital for 1 month and a half. After four months, was judged recovered and could go on with my normal life, but I still went to therapy (and still do). For the past two years, everything looked great, I was able to graduate early from high school and entered college, found a job and finally seemed to be normal and stable for once. I also felt and agreed to be recovered throughout these two years. In recent months, however, everything seems to have gone out of control for me. I have not stopped eating because I feel the need to lose weight, but because the food does not attract me more and I find myself never starve. I have not slept more than 1 hour a day in the last week. I feel so numb and empty, which distresses me because I feel as if I have no heart or bones (literally) and I'm always pinching the skin and piercing arm and chest to make sure there is something there, I feel like if I were only a reflection, with nothing inside. I have also been very impulsive and do things because reckless and negligent. I do not say these things to my therapist or parent, just because I have fear that I could send back flip and hospitalized. I am very afraid that, in principle, do not want to put my studies on hold (I am in my second year), and I did not want to go again hospitalized, all my time there just wanted to escape and I also do not want to put in any medication, which only makes me (more) numb, and I'm sure I put on Prozac or similar, but I'm not depressed, and is only going to make me uneasy. I am sure you will soon realize until my mother my sudden loss of appetite and she will know that something is happening. I do not know what else to do. I am desperate to find something to calm me down. If anyone can offer any advice, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks for your time. (I'm replacing in psychology, hoping to get more answers)

  • 10Is That Person Mentally Ill Or (Mentally) Normal?If He´s Ill Then Tell Me What Diagnose Could It Be.?

    heres his description agressive,he can get crazy over a little thing,is a "pathological"jelous-huband, he thinks his wife is cheatin, he dont trust nobody, he always thinks people want all bad for him,lets say "little bit" paranoid.he was in jail when he was a teenager for stabbing someone who died because of it.he is taking drugs (heroin etc.).he grew up without a father but his childhood wasn´t bad (had his mom always behind him).people are afraid of him (even his mother) particularly when he is drunk. he was beating his mom when he was drunk, his wife (because he was jelous).teaching his children to fight the enemy, to be violent when it comes to fight for right.he looks like a monster when he is angry, his eyes are demonic/satanic dunno how to describe it. -he is very inteligent, plays guitar, sings, wrote poems,loves his wife &son,he reads much,he is very smart.people love him, hes a "wunderkind". CAN this kind of person have a mental problem? sorry 4 my bad english.

  • 11My wife is abusive physically and mentally to me, and mentally abusive to our kids.?

    My wife is verbally and physically abusive . She assaulted me several times , and used to have my children , as a kind of way to have the last word power and end all . She is generally good if you stay away from it and always remember , do what she says , etc If you speak and say what they are doing is wrong or you have a different opinion from his eyes almost glazed over and she just loses it. She's crazy . Nothing ever happens , never apologizes , she is psychologically abusive to my children , but in ways that are very passive aggressive . A few weeks ago we were out and she drove, we got into a discussion about money and how not to make a quantity you need. I work my *** off , and when I get home to work overtime for 4-5 hours , then do all sorts of chores that she does not want to do. And I go to sleep , wake up at 5 am , and I'm at work at 6:30 am. Just got home before 6:30 pm , work until 1am , do housework , sleep, do it again and again . So we were fighting about money and how not bring enough for her to do whatever he wants . ( shes ruined twice overspend on our credit cards because of shopping addiction has done ) . She started calling

  • 12Depression attack...............?

    I have this depression attack when I am halfway on a plane, or should I say plane sick. What can I do to manage and prevent this attack from coming to me. And How should I respond and react if the depression attacks. The last that I knew when I had the attacks I was going crazy and I wanted to die and scream out loud ... Eventually I vomited and slept it off ... Im scared ...