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QMentally disoriented after anxiety attack?

In the summer of 2012 , I had a blown anxiety attack - much more intense from a panic attack . This made ​​me so into the head. He had tried to fall asleep , I'd be so confused , blurred, felt f ****** mind , I can not explain more . After a few months , the symptoms have disappeared naturally . It also gave me major depression later. Now , major depression is gone. Anyway I have derealization serious and I realize I g et easily confused , and my mind is always in bad shape. I have a lot of anxiety disorders --- long life. His control at this time. Never drink, smoke , take drugs for anxiety / depression. Despite its much better than before , I still feel my mind is a little messy . How to make it go away naturally ? Please help if you have experience !

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#1AnsleyAnswered at 2014-02-14 07:10:42
I have anxiety disorders and I can relate exactly to the feeling, almost a deep feeling in your gut and a airy feeling in your head, kinda feels like you aren't real? Yeh, I know. I take medicine which is so amazing, I haven't had an attack since, however, they don't eliminate the anxiety feeling. So here's what I do.. I had therapy to reassure me about reality and the fact my anxiety cannot harm me. When I feel that build up of anxiety I remember that all it is is chemicals in my brain, nothing more, nothing that will escalate to harm. If you breathe out more than you breathe in then it counteracts the rush of oxygen too your brain which is what makes you feel disorientated. Make sure you don't panic yourself, stay calm and rationalise the situation. Take yourself to one side and focus on making it stop, because I promise you it always will!:) woah, essay ahah, good luck getting better!
#2ConraAnswered at 2014-03-09 21:49:20
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Mentally disoriented after anxiety attack?

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