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Is Celiac disease a digestive disease? related questions

  • 1Is Celiac disease a digestive disease?

    Also, what are some other common digestive diseases ? thanks in advance ~

  • 2Help if you know anything about Celiac disease.?

    My grandmother and my mother both have tested positive for celiac disease. Is it a dominant or recessive trait? and if there is anything else you think i should knw feel free to tell me. Thanks!

  • 3Does it sound like i have celiac disease?

    Had an endoscopy done got a letter that said i possibly have celiac disease. heres my symptoms wake up in middle of night with bad stomach ache . bowel troubles. bouts of diareah that have lasted 2wks. stomach cramping and pain all day that leave me with heating pad on belly for hours. servere anxiety and depression bad gas and stomach burning..had a miscarrige this past summer. gerd troubles. always feels like lump or air buble in throat constant burping.. endoscopy findings were esophagitis and possible celiac based off my symptoms does it sound like celiac?? and will a gluten free diet clear evrything up so i can finally be happy and feel heathly? im sooo lost and hopeless iii need hope plz!

  • 4How do you find out if you have Celiac disease?

  • 5Do I have celiac disease? (sorry for the lengthiness of this)?

    I have had stomach ache and nausea daily for two years. Last year he was diagnosed with bile more active and formations from ulcers. I was told it was an infection and gave me pills to take and puddy tar nasty shit I had to take 3 times a day . I could not do . Gagged just the smell . The "infection" was absent when I finished taking all the medication , I finished the tablets at least. My stomach still hurts because I get rid of the "infection " or celiac disease? Only recently discovered and researched this disease and I have some symptoms . Again, I have stomach aches daily and random strangers makes noises all the time , especially after eating . There is growling , obviously. My hands and feet are tingling random , I would not say I'm underweight, but I would have to say I'm starved for my horrible eating habits . When I try to eat normally , or regularly tend to vomit a backup rather than digested. And it hurts more after eating . I am always tired and fatigued , diagnosed with depression , which I no longer take medications because I did not trust her to be happy. whatever. But yeah, so I have celiac disease? Or are my symptoms unrelated and yet I have an infection?

  • 6Asthma/Celiac's Disease/DH ... Info?

    Hi, I'm going to see my GP regardless but I'm just looking for a bit of general info so don't just say "go see your doctor..." All this stuff here's info, the question's a bit further down!! Was diagnosed with asthma about three years back now (I'm now nineteen). Never found a cause for it and blood tests showed I didn't have any great allergies to the normal causes (dust, pollen etc.) I had always noticed that I got the tight feeling in my chest and kind of breathlessness when I was in work (supermarkets - I'm a student! :p ) around any bread, so I've stopped eating wheat and apparently giving up dairy is good for you so I've done that too =] Only been doing this for two weeks now and I haven't had a single touch of asthma apart from when my flatmates have been smoking (for the record I don't smoke and I hate that they do it - they maintain that if they have their doors closed and their windows open that it won't affect me but it really does). So the relative disappearance of my asthma is a major WOW because it usually shows up a hell of a lot more than that for no apparent reason! Now, the past week or so I've gotten little bumps on my arms - inside of my elbows - and thighs. I looked this up on the and apparently this is a sign of Celiac's disease (intolerance to wheat/gluten). The bumps look like little spots - not red and no pus. Just little raised bumps that are really itchy. This isn't where my clothes rub, I've not changed fabric softener or anything weird... THE QUESTION!!!!!!! So I suppose my question is.. can you get the symptoms of Celiac's disease from cutting out wheat/gluten/dairy? Or could this just be a reaction to my change in diets since it is quite a drastic change? Any educated info would be much appreciated! And again I'm going to see my doc so don't just tell me to do that! Thanks!!

  • 7What do doctors look for when they think you have gluten allergy or celiac disease? Are both the same?

    Doctor thinks I have a gluten allergy. Is Gluten allergy the same as celiac disease? What will they look for in the blood test that I got done?

  • 8Can the nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy) be reversed from the affects of celiac disease?

    I'm undergoing sooooo many tests and this is the last straw to determine what is causing all my symptoms, so I'm wondering it the results are positive and I do have celiac, if the nerve damage can be reversed? As it is, I deal with debilitating musculoskeletal pain daily and am hoping that, after changing my diet, if I will make a full recovery. I'm also wondering if this could be the cause of depression/anxiety. Before you try calling it something else, I also want to point out that my doc and I have gone EVERY SINGLE avenue, including, ms, fibro, ect.

  • 9What is a disease of the mind?

  • 10Is there anyone who has or might have Huntington's Disease?

    Hi, my name is Melissa and im 20 years old. I have huntington's disease, and I would love to talk to anyone who either already knows they have it, or if you still have to get tested. I would love to hear from anyone!

  • 11Is there anyone who has or might have Huntington's Disease?

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  • 12What kind of disease would this be?

    My mom gets mad friends in the smallest things , twists everything anyone says , is a compulsive liar , his mood swings in the snap of a finger . Bipolar ? or what .. ?