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QHow to overcome depression?

I have 17 years and I have very severe depression . I saw a therapist and was of no help at all. I was very open and honest , but I did not feel the slightest improvement after left out . Also I have horrible anxiety and insomnia caused frequent headaches . My only hope of getting help is that I prescribed an anti-anxiety medication to deal with my anxiety . I posted on this site before with the same question after you have tried everything, but the therapy , but now I feel like I 've tried everything and I can not regain the enthusiasm I had as a child . I am so insensitive and removed all the time , the only joy I ever feel is when sunbathing preteen memories of happiness . I do not want to keep feeling disappointed in the very people whom I loved and admired as a child . I hate everyone and I did not used to be like . I do not understand how a warm, loving can become so bitter and misanthropic in a matter of a few years .
I have no idea how to help myself , and my only hope is in the opportunity that has been prescribed Zoloft or Konoplin or something for my anxiety . I do not know what to do with myself .


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How to overcome depression?

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