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QAnyone else have PMDD? (severe PMS)?

I've always had bad PMS, but in recent years its gotten worse and now qualifies as PMDD. I feel so anxious and depressed for a week or two before my period. I have borderline suicidal (I can not allow myself to drink during the weeks prior to me because I do silly things like cutting myself) feel that everything is horrible and I hate people around me, I feel like breaking up with my boyfriend, I get so tense and finished his horrible. This top of the cramps and bloating and breast tenderness.

I've been on antidepressants and contraceptives, but nothings helped and most time pills have become much worse. I try to tell myself that its just my hormones talking and things that look better in a week or so and not do anything rash. But it's so hard to ignore those feelings that are so strong. And it's not like I'm bothered by things that normally would not bother me at all, it's just that the things I usually try to brush off or ignore the fact that I can not and it bothers me to no end. It's like I lose my ability to handle stress or conflict. My boyfriend has actually gotten pretty good at managing my time during my PMDD because it has realized that its harder for me than for him and I can not really control as much as I would like. But I still manage to get hurt and angry and depressed about things he does.

The only thing you ever really helped my symptoms has been super regular exercise and lose a lot of weight (I'm 5'5 125 right now, but when I weighed about 105 my symptoms improve) But to lose much weight I have to restrict my eating a lot and not healthy. Besides, I just do not have the time to work as much as I used to.

Does anyone have any advice or experience dealing with PMDD? Its that time of the month at the moment and I'm going crazy: (

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#1joel laAnswered at 2014-04-24 22:38:49
i also have pmdd. i'm the same way! i was diagnosed with it when i was 15 and ever since then, i've tried every pill out there.
the best thing for me was not having a period at all. lybrel was the trick for me.
talk to your doctor and see if lybrel would work for you. yes its bc, but you never have a period so you don't get all crazy every month.
hope it helps!
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Anyone else have PMDD? (severe PMS)?

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