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QDoes this sound like Aspergers Syndrome?

I have 14 years , and for years I never felt really well .
Since I knew how to use a computer, find what might be wrong with me . ADHD, OCD, bipolar disorder , depression . But never really fit .
I was wondering what you think:
- I have trouble keeping a conversation , and I'm always thinking about what I 'm going to say next . It's not important , I have good friends , I have to force myself to just talk most of the time .
- I can not make eye contact with people. I just I can not.
- I did not know how to ride a bike until I was 8, goes well in playgrounds (I could use the stairs and go down the slide , but never go to any of the other things ) until I was atleast 7. < Br >
- I have a dream strange pattern
'I'm sorta obsessed with certain TV shows , talk about them a lot and knows almost everything about the characters and the actors and everything.
- There are a couple of small things , but I think my point .

I know it's not important , I was wondering if it sounds like one might have a mild case ?
( I'm very good at hiding my social behavior forced me to speak , and I stand before about my obsession , and try to stay away from things that need a lot of coordination - . I can play some sports though. )
Thank you. :)

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#1DiyamonAnswered at 2014-03-24 03:19:39
I used to teach children with autism. It sounds very possible that you could have Asperger's Syndrome. You should see your family doctor and ask him to refer you to a psychologist. Only a Psych. can tell you for sure and they can do exercises and therapy with you to help you feel more comfortable in social situations. Good luck. Talk to a trusted friend teacher or parent about this too.
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Does this sound like Aspergers Syndrome?

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