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QHow long after taking Tramadol 50mg, is it safe to have a couple of drinks?

I take 50 mg of tramadol occasionally for back pain . I try not to take if you do not need it . A friend of mine called this afternoon and invited me to go out for drinks tonight. I know I 'm supposed to drink with tramadol . How long do I have to wait after my last dose to take a few drinks again ?

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#1cuckooAnswered at 2014-04-19 22:08:29
If you only took 1 50mg pill, you can probably drink right away and not really experience any side effects. But, if you really want to be safe, after about 4 hours the effects of the pill should be wearing off and therefore you should not experience any side effects from the alcohol Tramadol mix. I would say 4 hours and you are OK, however everybody is different and that is just a generalization.

Edit: If they are 12 hour pills, then my 4 hour answer is not even close. However, even though they say not to drink, if you only took 1 pill and just have a few drinks you will be fine. The main reason they say not to drink is because both alcohol and Tramadol are CNS depressants. Combining them could cause respiratory depression to the point of death. But Tramadol is pretty weak, so 1 pill and a few drinks is not going to kill you. If you took a handful of morphine and then drank a bottle of whiskey, that would be a different stroy. Just don't over do it and you will be fine. Have fun.
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How long after taking Tramadol 50mg, is it safe to have a couple of drinks?

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