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QHave you ever taken melatonin for your tinnitus?

I have tinnitus for more than a year, and that melatonin helps to read with him . I wondered that no one has tried , and how it worked for you . It did , how long ? And how long it take to work ?
Thank you !

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#1byranAnswered at 2013-04-12 21:37:34
This is interesting . Where did you hear melatonin help with tinnitus ? I've had this for many years as a result of music blaring from about 100 rock concerts and dozens of club bands not to mention the hours of listening sessions in basements Local Band Jam . I've heard it is using a device that fits like a hearing aid that emits a sound similar to tinnitus, but programmed to sound waves cancel each other . ( I have not tried yet) This URL contains an overview of melatonin . Nowhere does it mention anything about tinnitus . ... Talk about the uses for the following : insomnia , osteoporosis , menopause , depression , withdrawal from benzodiazepines , high blood pressure , breast cancer , and some others. ( Got tired with the copy and paste) Here is the address of the American Tinnitus Association : < / a> There is nothing in this site indicates that melatonin may be used as a treatment for tinnitus. I recommend checking this site out as there is a bit of information here about tinnitus . While searching for this, there were many
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Have you ever taken melatonin for your tinnitus?

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