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Does herbal xanax help with insomnia? related questions

  • 1Does herbal xanax help with insomnia?

    Is herbal xanax for insomnia work. And as good as prescription ] Zanax ?

  • 2Anyone have a tried and true herbal remedy for insomnia?

    i'm currently trying natures own sleep ezy, but not having much luck, have you tried anything that actually helps?

  • 3Xanax for chronic insomnia? Yes or no?

    Before you give an answer, please take the time to read of my current situation: For the past three months now I have been suffering from really bad insomnia. The first month was the worst, I only got 0-3 hours of sleep a night, usually waking up every hour or so. I was put on ambien, but it didn't really work too well. The second month I got a bit better. I was put on amitriptyline, an antidepressant that is also prescribed for insomnia, and I was sleeping 4 to 7 hours a night. I would wake up every three or four hours, but if I was lucky I would get 6 or 7 hours total, even though it was broken up. Still, this was a major improvement and I was happy. The thing is the amitriptyline kinda stopped working. I don't feel drowsy after taking it anymore. So now my sleep is back to crap again. The thing is I know why I can't sleep, it's because I'm too anxious at night, and it causes me to think too much about random things and I have a hard time relaxing, which in turn gives me poor sleep. I try to relax, but I can't shut my mind off. I was talking to someone I know and they said that I should try xanax. I described the symptoms of my night time anxieties to her and she told me that xanax would work in fighting my problem. Now, Ive tried xanax before and it didn't really help to do anything at all. I took it and I just felt normal, didn't feel any difference. Still, i took the suggestion and tried it out. I took a 0.5 mg pill before bed a few days back, laid down, was wide awake one second, and the next thing I know it was already morning time. I didn't even feel myself drifting off into sleep, I was wide awake one second and the next it was already morning. I looked at the clock and I had slept for six hours straight. I thought that this was too good to be true. So, the next night i took a 0.5 mg pill again to help me sleep. I was really anxious as usual during bedtime, but after taking the xanax I felt really calm and relaxed. This time I actually felt myself drifting to sleep. It turns out that I slept 9 to 10 hours that night! Unbelievable. And it actually felt like good sleep too, not all light and broken, and it was dream filled too. Best sleep ive had in months. I only woke up once or twice really briefly where I'd fall back asleep right away or to use the restroom, but that was it. So far this has been the medicine that has worked the best for me. The thing is, I've read some online opinions on xanax and it is mixed. There are people who say that it is ok to use for sleep, but there are others who say that it isnt ok to use for sleep. There are those who say that if used properly xanax is one of the safest drugs out there with very low addiction chances, but then there are those who say that no matter what it is easy to get addicted to xanax. Should I keep using xanax for a bit to sleep, or should I stop and seek other methods? I was just gonna use xanax for maybe a month or so to help me learn how to calm down and relax and to teach me how to sleep properly again. My insomnia problem seems to be caused by night time anxiety, and xanax is an anti anxiety medication. So it seems to me that it is the perfect medication for my situation, still, I'm not too sure yet...

  • 4How to cure Insomnia if sleeping pills don't work? But not using natural herbal remedies?

    What if I already have insomnia and you do not know what is the cause ? If sleeping pills do not work what would be next ? Could anxiety or depression causes insomnia ?

  • 5Does anyone know anything about the herbal 5htp?

    I reserched a little about it , so I ask what I need to know what milligrams to give my 8 years old , and I can see that can cause weight loss , but it does help to chemical imbalances in the brain and son has small nail patella syndrome one diorder genetics and could help with missing chromosome that is associated with this syndrome

  • 6Best Herbal Tea caffeine free?

    I have Anxiety problems and I was wondering what is the best kind of Herbal Tea. I want a kind that is healthy and caffeine free. I know white tea is low in caffeine but I'd like Herbal since it free of caffeine.

  • 7Any herbal pills I can take for depression?

    The herbal pills can take for depression ?

  • 8Herbal remedies question?

    I got some liqud kava kava for social anxiety. Should it help? And if so, how will it? Also, I used to take melatonin for sleep, but it stopped helping after a while. Nothing else so far really works, but i haven't tried Valerian. How does that compare to melatonin and prescriptions? I'm trying to avoid the doctors here, so I'm all ears for any suggestions.

  • 9Any herbal remedies to help opiate withdrawl?

    I recently detoxified 4 years of opiate addiction . Although the hard parts more im still having problems with RLS , insomnia , and great anxiety . Any herbal remedy -Safe - not addictive ?

  • 10Natural relaxants and herbal teas?

    Yeah, I suffer from anxiety problems. I'm emetophobic (fear of vomiting) which sets off the anxiety. Anyway, I was looking for some herbal teas that work as natural relaxants. I've found chai tea and green tea help me settle down a little if I start to feel anxious but I need something that can calm me right in the middle of a panic attack. Does any one have any suggestions? The stronger, the better... but it'd be nice if it wasn't so strong that it's put me to sleep. And if it was easy to find, that would be handy. These are only preferences, any suggestions would be great. Thanks

  • 11Please answer: Depression herbal remedies?

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some insights on which of these can or has worked best for severe depression: SAM-E, St. John's Wort, 5-HTP, or glutamic acid. I've been taking a 1:1 extract of SJW, about 750 mg twice/day for about 2 weeks with little to no effect. I want to give it a fair trial, but am curious about people's experiences with the other drugs. I'm very interested in SAM-e, I've read good things about it over the net. It's more expensive but supposedly widely used in Europe and effective. I've tried 5-htp in the past with little to no results, but I didn't really give it a fair shot. Any input is appreciated, though please write detailed or thoughtful responses/accounts. Thanks a 100!

  • 12Xanax help please!!!?

    this is a little long sorry, but i really need someones opinion.i started taking xanax 3 months ago for panic/agoraphobia and started getting crying jags to the point where i didnt want 2 leave the house anymore..then i started zoloft for anxiety w/ the xanax and it made my anxiety worse and caused stimulation/mania like symptoms which i had to take more xanax now im currently taking paxil which has completely eliminated my anxiety but i know have severe depression and the psych wanted to pull me off of it because they think i may possibly be bipolar..i have never experienced depression or mania until all the drugs came into the you think this is from the xanax?? .25mg 1-4x a day...thanks so much!!