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QQuestions about pills for depression?

I have depression and I'm supposed to be taking pills for my mood swings , but I have fear . Do they affect my personality ? How long does it take to work ? What if I decide I want one night for drinks without killing myself?

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#1n\'deaAnswered at 2013-04-07 17:17:57
I have depression too. Actually , the same as you , I'm afraid to take pills . But if the doctor will have you take , remember to take, do not skip it. Not affect your personality . You may feel more active and wanting to do things . The doctor will reduce your dose if you feel better. Do not give up , you can help by doing what you love , exercise , take more vit B as vegetables and fruits help to release the nerves , do not give yourself pressure. You have my support. Please tell the doctor what type of drinks you take before you have . Best wishes.
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Questions about pills for depression?

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