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Does a poor undergraduate career ruin the rest of your life? related questions

  • 1Does a poor undergraduate career ruin the rest of your life?

    Actually I am about to give up on life right now and it's all because of foolish decisions I made years ago. I graduated in 2008 with a degree in biology. The problem was to put all my eggs in one basket and do not really look inward to see if I was ready for my future goals. I was determined to become a biomedical researcher. The problem was that I also had severe depression. If you have not experienced clinical depression, then do not realize how debilitating it is. So my average sunk to a miserable 3.0 (science GPA was even worse due to the effects of depression) and I got kicked out of my research project full-time undergraduate. My life between 2008-2013 has not been better. I've never been able to keep anything decent job because of my lack of advanced knowledge focused. I can not get full-time positions in low-wage jobs due to saturation of persons requesting such. I only managed to get $ 40,000 in savings. That probably sell out quickly when they return to school and there is absolutely no guarantee that I will be able to maintain employment enough to not go bankrupt. At 28 years old, I can return to live with my parents and barely cover food costs, while burgers. Absolutely unacceptable option. Since ruined any possibility of going for an MD / DO / PA or get a job in a branch of service, my only options seem to be going for an accelerated Bachelor of Nursing program. I'm listening to the nursing labor shortage is a myth so you will not even be that calm while studying in the program. It's like there is no hope. Most jobs are impossible to get right now so here are my options: 1. somehow find a nursing job 2. join the army or if nothing works: 3. commit suicide

  • 2Why is my dad trying to ruin my life?

    im 24 and i am back living at home because at the moment i cant afford to live alone,i pay me dad 50 pound a week board and buy my own food.I weigh 9 stone and am 5ft 6 and my bmi is 20,The thing ids my dad says your a fat mess ,all the time,look at the state of you,he watches what i eat all the time,and says im fat and says dont come crying to me when u realise your a mess. I dont think im fat .I bought myself a small rebounder to get fit ,i came home and he put a hole in it,he said to me you know your the correct weight when your cheeks are sunken in and you dont need to eat food every day to survive ,hes making me ill..Im 24 not a child the only reason im here is because im suffering from depression and anxiety and cant afford to live alone,as im typing this im eating a tuna sandwich and hes making hes fat comments,hes hit me before and he snaps for anything,i said to him that the meat in the fridge needs to be cooked for two hours and he pushed me into the wall and was shouting in my face,i have a touch screen phone,he stood on it and smashed it and then i went crazy i snapped i was angry and he rang my uncle and said "shes gone crazy ,she must have mental problems,i have a awful life with her",and im thinking hang on i do nothing,i try my best to be nice,i got dressed up to go out and he said "who do you think you are a model,your a nobody a nothing"He camer back from the doctors with a letter to take to the council saying he needs to move out of this house as its affecting his health because of me,i dont do anything wrong,why is he setting out to make my life a misery,he came back with the letter and started laughing saying il fix you now,theyl not let you stay in atwo bedroom house and il have a 1 bedroom house and youl be all alone .

  • 3What should i do with the rest of my life?

    I'm going through a major crisis. I have to decide what to do with the rest of my life in terms of career choice . I am a very convenient age 48 with 20 years of experience in the fitness industry , I am currently a talk radio host (which I love , but I do not pay at this point ) and I have a degree in psychology . I have been accepted into law school twice in my life and never had to decline because of life circumstances . Now , years of law school , the cost of attending , etc. have POCO ' ruled that out. I have a lot of experience in health insurance sales and also made ​​good money doing it , but we did not like ... help! very talented and intelligent , but have no clear idea what to do . I have a 12 year old and a husband who is 17 years old ( now I have no investment other than a house and a piece of land ) . i need security , and I need a good long-term money .

  • 4The rest of my life is wasted?

    if the rest of my life is wasted because I can not ever be in a good condition and cause serious damage to health and depression damn , I had high demands when I was young and it made my life I am now just a disastrous accident lifeless zombie living dead. I do not know what to do with it, I have no desire to live . often feel helpless despair trying to fix it , but in vain . any comments?

  • 5Will I have to take antidepressants for the rest of my life?

    I just started taking Prozac for Major Depressive Disorder, Panic Disorder, and OCD and Ability for irritability. Will I have to take meds for the rest of my life?

  • 6Help me with the rest of my life! PLZZZ!!!!?

    Well, I 'm a junior in high skoo , ladder , play sports , nd I 'm getting skoo nd at 16 am absolutely fascinated with psychology ... Wuz thinking of studying to be a clinical psychologist or a child , but ... PPL always say it's a good job your sposed to grow 15 % in the second decade NXT then there are those who say there is no money in it ... ULL broke after many years of skool to get a masters and then phd ... so there any1 who tried to be a failure and giving advice about whether to continue ... or any other sucessful ? I wuz thinking of being a psychologist for the military / FBI or maybe even a school (also if I become one of the soldiers who wud i live .. I can live a normal ND City will work for them on the basis ?) ... would be easy to find a job ? I'm also fascinated me shud be police to change that? .... I want to work in Miami for Base your responses to be located where I want because I want to make my game is fine if your 60k 45k

  • 7What should I major in an do with the rest of my life?

    I'm about to be the last year of high school and would like to have some idea of what I will major before coming to college . I would do something that pays well and I like to do . I took AP psychology this year and really enjoyed it. I also took a journalism and creative writing class that I enjoyed as much as my psychology class . Last year I took a marketing class . All four of these classes were really interesting to me and I was wondering if there is major or career choices that could do that could address these issues . Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance .

  • 8How can I stay a cashier for the rest of my life?

    I have 18 years and am currently working as a cashier . My parents keep pressuring me to go to college , and I really want to go to college . I would go for my degree in psychology , but the problem is that I love my job . I like to learn about psychology , but I do not want a career in it . My problem is that I fear might not be able to remain a cashier for the rest of my life because they will say I am overqualified . So you can go to college and continue to work in conditions of minimum wage, if desired ? PS I realize that this may seem a little strange and some people think it's a joke , but it is not true ! I'm looking for some advice on whether he could go to college and still maintain my ideal job .

  • 9Help! I have no clue what to do with the rest of my life, and need advice!?

    I know this is the parenting section, but I need some helpful advice from parents, as I do not have much help. I am a second semester freshman and have no clue what I want to major in college. All my life I only wanted to be a doctor, the truth is I'd love to be a field physician and work in a lot of developing nations, bringing medical care to disadvantage children. However, I am not the greatest in math and chemistry, and its frustrating because I feel like if I can just work hard enough I can go to medical school. I have the passion that a lot of doctors lack, but it seems everyone I know is telling me I can't do it. I am not dumb, I got into and go to an ivy league school and have always been one of the top students in my school. I know their has to have been students who weren't good a math or science but still made it to medical school. I also heard that in all actuality all the math and science courses you take in undergrad, though necessary, are weeding out courses...I just don't know if I should give up my dream of being a field physician and pursue something else. I thought about becoming either a news anchor, or an editor. But I'm not sure what would be the best major for either career, and what major would provide me with a solid chance of finding work and longevity in the work force. I NEED ADVICE Please! sigh It just feels like no one believes in me. P.S I am very good at writing and public speaking, I am also very creative and artistic. I would love to travel the world for the career I choose. I would love to have a career that would provide me the chance to partake in humanitarian services. My first semester I majored in Psychology and planned to take summer courses for my medical school prerequisites so that I could have more time to focus on the more challenging courses. (I know summer classes are faster, but I figured at least I would have only 2 challenging courses to focus and put energy into). Then I changed my major in my second semester to Political Science as, I guess my self doubt and doubt from others grew about my chances of med school. I figured that I could do humanitarian work and go work for the UN or the Red Cross and be a field agent. I need helpful advice and some encouragement, because I CANNOT keep changing majors like this.

  • 10Trying to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life (graduate school)?

    I have my degree in Psychology , and took the GRE in late 2008 , I applied to a couple of schools for master's program , but oddly not want to be accepted because they do not want to start going somewhere that no I'm very interested in. One thing I've really gotten lately is environmentalism and gardening and the like . Is there a way to combine my passion for psychology and a passion for environmentalism ? I would really like to get a master's degree , but do not want to do Clinical Psychology . Well, I guess the question , does anyone know of a university that has a dual degree or " Green Psychology " program out there ? A bit stuck in a rut and need to get on with something I care . Thank you !

  • 11I seriously need help before I totally ruin my life. I am a 27 year old female, on parole for drugs?

    Been to prison 3 times. All my charges boil down to my drug addiction.I believe I have depression, but ive never been motivated enough to see a doctor. Im not bipolar cause I dont have ups and downs. Only downs. Im like Eeyore! I want to know if there is such a pill thats for depression that has very high levels of methamphetamine in it. I need these pills or else i go to prison for four years! Not fair. I need this boost daily!! Legal or not. What should I do?


    HI, I'M 26 year old guy. Never dated, never had a girlfriend. I'm trying to accept my life as it is but its very hard. I'm not able to find partner from many different reasons. I am heterosexual and obviously I need woman. But with my looks and social anxiety, it's impossible. I have learnt to deal with being ugly and not being accepted and acknowledged by females, but what I'm really missing is a soulmate, someone i can talk to, hold hands, kiss..... I can't afford therapy. It really hurts me when I my friends having girlfriends and I'm still single. Once my father told me "Dont think about thinks that you cant change" but i find it so difficult. It effect my job as well as I cant concentrate and feel blue all the time. No woman ever showed interest in me. Everybody is telling me that I have to be confident, dress nice etc. but those thinks only help if you are attractive or at least moderately attractive which i'm deffinately not. I have hobbies but they dont bring me as much plessure as before. I have feeling I have missed my boat. In my age I should have girlfriend or even be married. It's not my fault because I didn't choose the way I look. My friend gave me advice once and said that when we go clubbing, I should approach the least attractive female, because my chances would be high plus I won't be that nervous. Unfortunately women in that category are giving me cold shoulders too. Since my standards are not high and I did make and effort to look better (I went to gym and bought new clothes, lost quite lot of weight), I still get no results. I Dont believe in saying "beauty is in the eye of beholder" or "there is someone for everyone " or "love will find you one day". It cant be futher from truth. I have become very bitter person and stop smiling but do you still wonder why? If you keep getting rejected and putting effort with no result whatsoever, everyone would get bitter. Its human nature. And internet dating is the worst because thats the place when you are truly judged by your looks. And I cant use my looks to find partner. I wasnt like that before, I all started when I hit 25 and realized that im still single. I dint care much before. Because of that I have already had major depressive disorder and anyone who experienced that knows how terrible that is. I just need to find the way to accept my situation and live with it. But I dont know how? Any advice will be appreciated. And please dont tell me to try men because im not gay. Thank you.