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QDoes a poor undergraduate career ruin the rest of your life?

Actually I am about to give up on life right now and it's all because of foolish decisions I made years ago. I graduated in 2008 with a degree in biology. The problem was to put all my eggs in one basket and do not really look inward to see if I was ready for my future goals. I was determined to become a biomedical researcher. The problem was that I also had severe depression. If you have not experienced clinical depression, then do not realize how debilitating it is. So my average sunk to a miserable 3.0 (science GPA was even worse due to the effects of depression) and I got kicked out of my research project full-time undergraduate.

My life between 2008-2013 has not been better. I've never been able to keep anything decent job because of my lack of advanced knowledge focused. I can not get full-time positions in low-wage jobs due to saturation of persons requesting such.

I only managed to get $ 40,000 in savings. That probably sell out quickly when they return to school and there is absolutely no guarantee that I will be able to maintain employment enough to not go bankrupt. At 28 years old, I can return to live with my parents and barely cover food costs, while burgers. Absolutely unacceptable option.

Since ruined any possibility of going for an MD / DO / PA or get a job in a branch of service, my only options seem to be going for an accelerated Bachelor of Nursing program. I'm listening to the nursing labor shortage is a myth so you will not even be that calm while studying in the program.

It's like there is no hope. Most jobs are impossible to get right now so here are my options:

1. somehow find a nursing job
2. join the army

or if nothing works:

3. commit suicide


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Does a poor undergraduate career ruin the rest of your life?

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